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LEGO Classic: MOC 90050 6566 Bank LEGO Classic: MOC 90050 6566 Bank
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This building was made to replace the very bad 6566 set from 1997. I've recreated it with parts from that era, but without the kiddish building techniques. I tried to recreate most of the features of hte original set such as tha antenna, that ATM and the armoured truck. There are three minifigs in this creation, the truck driver, the bank director and a banker.

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Bank - Back view
The bank building
Building's color scheme is inspired by the original set, althought, I've heavily modified the building's shape as it was only composed fo some panels and some windows. So I wanted a much more interesting building than this block. I've expanded tha building by 6 studs in order to fit more offices and more space. I've used 1490's logo for this bank, as the original sign is just a yellow shield with a dollar sign on, it can be seen under the 1st floor window, as a tribute.

On the ground floor, there is the place where people ask for money or advices. Then, there is tha safe. It's not realistic, but it was the only way to include a safe, an important feature in such a set, considering the era. The safe is made with SNOT techniques and can hold a lot of money. Outoor, there is an ombraged space, with an ATM standing in the pillar of the building.

Then, on the first floor, there is the banker's office, along with a security office, with some computers. There are also some small balconies, but without doors, so these are only decorative. The way the building is organized is a tribute to one of my childhood creations, a bank built in 2008. I have kept it, but I don't know where it's stored now.

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Truck - General view
Armoured truck
The truck was built in the spirit of the original one. I've heavily modified it in order for it to be nice along other vehicles. It always have the Lt.Grey-black, with some yellow touches scheme. There is enough space for six suitcases to be transported, all with their respective space. Rear doors can be opened, and the roof of the back part can be lift to access the armoured part.

Scenery features a inspired scene from the Lego Island video game from 1997. The pizzeria building and Super 2 supermarkets have been rebuilt in the original style, and there are buildings from Lego Isand 2 game released in 2002, but that keeps the 90's style, such as the clothing shop or the flats.
LEGO Classic
2017, dec 3 13:15 (79 months, 25 days ago) by Evans
2017, dec 3 18:55 (79 months, 24 days ago) by Evans
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