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LEGO Classic: MOC 90047 Suburban Home LEGO Classic: MOC 90047 Suburban Home
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2017, jul 16 14:56
This building was designed in order to be a house in the background of a scenery, but I liked so much the design that I made it into a MOC.
It's a red colored-building, so we can believe that it can be built of bricks. I tried several color schemes such as white walls with blue windows but I wasn't pleased. I also wanted the dhouse to be a 30's house from Paris suburbs, as we can see arround the train tracks. It was intended to be built on 16x32 baseplat, but I had to extend it to look right. So I arrived to a 24x32 size, that is very unusual in Town buildings  patterns. And as I missed any squared corners baseplates, I had to put a 70's round corners one. It looks nice alone, but when placed on a layout, it's a bit more complex.

Creation feature
The house if fully furnished as is the garden. I wanted to include a place to put flowers, and I finished with this thing next to the door. Good idea to expand.
I've placed a cypress tree as this is a tall house, so a smaller tree would have been out of place.
There is a kitchen with furniture to store cooking stuff. There is even a table on which minifigures can eat.
In the living room, there is a TV, a carpet and a couch. I first wanted to put a fireplace but removed it, hence the chimney on the roof. The TV was also a good excuse to put a rattle antenna.
Then the bedroom. There is a two-place bed (but ony one minifigure can sleep on, it's not large enough) and a desk for the minifigure to work at home.

The scenery features this house, along with 1985 one and a small holiday bungalow. There is a kid playing with a Classic Space spaceship and even a man from dog impound who is trying to capture a dog.

2017, jul 16 14:56 (83 months, 19 days ago) by Evans
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