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Klasyka LEGO
Upper view
Unfortunatelly, not many industrial sets appeared in the history of LEGO. If anything, couple of such structures were released in 70s. Gravel depot for example from LEGO-351-1 set. That was still not the building in mini-figure scale, so it is hard to adapt to the city from later years. Nevertheless, all these vehicles, motorcycles, boats or airplanes must be manufactured somewhere, is it not? Bebricton city will have such a structure. I present the car factory adapted to manufacture sedans.


Klasyka LEGO
The truck
Transport truck with a long trailer is able to transport two sedans.
Klasyka LEGO
Manufactured cars
Chassis transporter is on the left side, from which all production begins. On the right, there are three newly manufactured sedans. Between the buildings you can find one more in the gray version.
Klasyka LEGO
The workers
Factory supports 13 employees. The chief has a white helmet and black worksuit, next is the accountant, two drivers in caps and a 9-workers. That's enough for the efficient production of up to three cars at a time.


Two warehouses are at the front of the factory. On the right side there is a warehouse with steering wheels and car doors.
Klasyka LEGO
Second warehouse
Klasyka LEGO
On the left, however, is a warehouse with windscreens.
Klasyka LEGO
Windscreen warehouse
Klasyka LEGO


The roof can be opened by raising to the front of the building, so handling machines designed for the production is a bit easier.
Klasyka LEGO
The factory
The factory has been divided into three stations, between which the vehicles are moved along the rail.
Klasyka LEGO
Assembly of parts
The first station is the assembly of parts. At this point, one of the workers operates a crane, which can simultaneously select two parts and mount them on the chassis.
Klasyka LEGO
Wheels attachment
The next step is to mount the axis with wheels. It is one of the most interesting mechanisms used in this factory. Just put the axis with the wheels on the box, position it under the car and just push it while holding down the chassis. You can see this process in the gallery presenting manufacture of the car.
Klasyka LEGO
Assembly of windscreens
The last step is the installation of windscreens and the roof.

The car is ready! The vehicle moves at the end on its own wheels and passes final review.
That's all. The vehicles can be loaded on a truck's trailer and transported to any place in the Bebricton city.

Klasyka LEGO
Assembly of parts
The whole detailed process presenting manufacture of the car can be seen in the additional gallery below or by cliking here.

Check out Clabrisic soon for the new industrial part of the Bebricton city, in which the car factory will be located.
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