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LEGO Classic: MOC 90012 Heavy Equipment Transporter LEGO Classic: MOC 90012 Heavy Equipment Transporter
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In a series of Town it may not have been many of construction equipment, but no doubt the design of any vehicle has been carefully thought out and designed with great care. For example, let's take a bulldozer Lego 6658. The simple design consisting of approx. 80 bricks and we have a very interesting bulldozer, bending in half, fully functional. Bucket is also fully rotatable. The second vehicle builder necessary for any construction site digger is a set of Lego 6662. One of the dumpers is required and construction of any building can begin.
Vehicle presented here has been designed primarily to transport just these two machines, bulldozer and digger. Six-wheeled long truck pulls quite wide and long semi-trailer, which has a strong security to carry heavy equipment.

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Securing wheels

The functionality of the vehicle

Truck at the back of the cab has additional storage that can be opened easily from both sides. Inside, there are four hooks, where the driver keeps shortwave radio, a hammer and a wrench.
Trailer of the interesting things has movable collateral on wheels that can be easly pulled out during loading and pulled in after. At the front of the trailer is the place for a excavators and bulldozers bucket. Location for the wheels have been designed to be able to catch a wide track and large wheels of bulldozer and narrow track small wheel of digger. Generally, vehicle can be protected so that it does not move even a millimeter.
Trailer is quite wide, but it couldn't be narrower, otherwise it would be hard to load a bulldozer. Nevertheless, it is a vehicle designed according to the series of Town scheme, good old classic one. Truck is 4-studded of course and trailer, despite the use of universal classic bricks have to be 8-stud wide.
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