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Klasyka LEGO
Front view
The transformer is mainly used for trains based on the 12V power supply by an internal rail in the track. Engine of such train is hidden in the gear, which contacts the inner rail by four round, and moving metal pins. You don't need to walk to the train and turn it directly, just turn on the transformer and the train goes. Release of a separate set for the transformer is definitely a wise move. Such a transformer is simply a large power supply and weighs a little. Packing transformer to each train set would certainly be a bad idea.
Originally, the box set has additional accessories, but at auctions you can find a lot of transformers without additives, its like the OEM version of it. Additional accessories are not necessary to operate properly and if you care only for train to move, then you can buy the OEM version. NOTE! The power cable is permanently attached to the transformer, so it can not be replaced and at auctions, you can find the transformers with English 240V plug and normal 220V plug.

Speed controller

The transformer has a very nice additional feature. It can control transmitted power voltage, resulting in train speed regulation. Black button sticking out at the top is the controller. Adjustment is possible in two directions, so not enough that you can adjust the speed, it can be reversed also. The button has a hole inside matching the axle from technic, so there are no major problems to construct additional control mechanisms using technic bricks.


Klasyka LEGO
Front closer
There are two 12V socket. One slot is for an adjustable knob tension, to which the rail line is connected usually. The second slot is not subject to regulation and provide constant voltage of 12V. You can hook up extra items like lamps for example. There is one additional 13V socket, which was probably created for long length cables, as longer distance then less power there is.
Designers definitely thought well about how to do this.


In the set, you can find additional leverage for easy adjustment. In addition, two gray blocks 2x4 so that you can easily attach the transformer somewhere. As can be seen, the transformer has been constructed as the large brick that can be adopted in the construction of the town as a normal building.
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