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I will let myself to describe here the construction of 12V tracks in general.
The 7854 set contained 8 internal electrically conductive rails only that connected to the outer rails from LEGO-7850-1 set of the 4.5V system forming the whole.


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Straight rails
A straight track element consists of six bricks. Two straight rails, internal power bus and three underlying bricks  connecting everything in the stable element.
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Curved track is similar, but you have to remember that the rails have different sizes, as the inner rail have to be smaller. It is easy to distinguish between an inner rail from the outer, as the outer has grooves and inner is smooth. Usually, when you want to assemble railtracks in the city, rails from the train set are not enough. However, it was not a problem back in the release days, because additional tracks could be purchased separately, eg. straight from set LEGO-7850-1 and 7854-1: 12V-Straight-rails.
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Curved rails
You have to remember that the train of this set is 12V and must have additional internal circuits for power conducting, which were sold in a separate package.
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Why so? Since the previous trains were not powered in this way, and had motors mounted inside the vehicle. There was no need for additional internal bus, the outer rails shown in the set LEGO-7850-1 were enough.
As for the present, tracks can be bought at auction services for example. There are many rails available, you just have to remember about additional 12V power internal bus. Straight rails are usually more expensive, like 5x more than curved ones, because as it comes down to it, you mainly need straight rails, not curved. You can not do many curves, because the train won't be able to pass through it. Must be at least one straight rail before changing direction on the track, otherwise the train will stop or tip over.
That's not all, internal 12V rails can have sockets for connecting external devices such as the lantern lamps. There are also track splitter available eg. set LEGO-7856-1. There are a lot of possibilities.
2019, jan 15 14:34 (66 months, 7 days ago) by Rogdush
2019, jan 16 15:04 (66 months, 6 days ago) by Rogdush
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