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Catalog entry
 M-Trons appeared in the Space theme in 1990 doing quite a bit of fuss. Not to diminish the splendor of the previous sets that were released since the early 80's and also had a lot of interesting ideas. However, at the beginning of 1990, exactly seven sets of red masters of magnets were released, and they have been remembered forever in the history cards. This review is a proof of this. M-Trons are peaceful and like to collect small neon-green translucent crystals in the form of round one stud thin bricks. They have number of tools for this. Magnets however, they are using to move objects like containers or scooters. Magnets could be found practically in every vehicle or ship. Unfortunately, the M-Trons have not officially got any base making the vehicle from this review the biggest set in the series. The Magnetizer was one of the most desirable sets. Every kid wanted it after having a look at the catalog from the 90s. A huge wheeled vehicle with a crew of three crystal seekers sitting behind a large neon-green windshield. It was definitely impressive. The vehicle appeared in several sceneries and each time they were brilliant. The first presentation can be seen below.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1990uk.pdf Catalogue 1990 UK: Page 26 and 27: Space
The Blacktron's faction is plotting against the M-Trons in an attempt to prevent them from exploring the crystals. Therefore, they can often be found nearby. At first glance it may be to not obvious, but the vehicle discussed here has a number of functions and mechanisms that make it even more interesting. Such sets are real pearls and I wish LEGO that such or better designs continue to appear on the shelves of toy stores.
In the next presentation, we can see a magnetizer assembling the crystals next to the monorail.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1990us2.pdf Catalogue 1990 US II: Page 14 and 15: Space

The vehicle

LEGO Classic
 The magnetizer at first glance makes a big impression with its size. However, moments after completing the build, you can discover a number of interesting mechanisms that mostly depends on the crane at the rear of the vehicle. Every mechanism must rely on a magnet as this is what identifies M-Trons. In this way the crane is terminated with one magnet and all components that can be moved also have a magnet. Two containers located on the sides of the vehicle, two small scooters, a container for crystals and a small space ship that is what can be unloaded with a crane. The crane can be controlled by three mechanisms. The base rotates by 360 degrees. The crane arm can be pulled or retracted using the side knob. Finally, you can tilt the entire base of the crane by 90 degrees, what goves you a lot of room to maneuver. 
LEGO Classic
 In spite of the different arrangements of containers and vehicles on board, there is no problem with getting to each one solely by means of a crane. This is the beauty of these sets. Not only consistency in the schematic of construction, not only common sense in design, but also a number of interesting stable mechanisms giving a lot of fun while playing. It is worth mentioning that in this case there is nothing to complain about mechanisms. They are very stable, nothing deattaches while playing. The crane is mounted on double hinges, so there is no chance of falling off. Designers definitely spend some time on the design of this vehicle.
Magnetizer aappeared at all presentations from space In 1991 too. The first depicts a fight with the Blacktrons, who conspire against M-Tron long enough. Here it is worth noting that the vehicle despite of its size does not have any proper cannon or any other offensive mechanism. It can be said that its main purpose is to scour the area and look for crystals. In general, even the cannons in the spaceships was limited to the minimum, as if the LEGO designers did not want to promote the war in their toys too much. This may be due to the fact that there is an internal ban on the design of military sets in LEGO. Nevertheless vehicles and spaceships were always interesting, having a number of functional features.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1991us.pdf Catalogue 1991 US: Page 12 and 13: Space
The second presentation presents an interesting idea for a space station probably suspended in the orbit of a nearby planet. The impression is made here, first of all, by a huge shaft inside which we do not reallly know what may be placed. Can multum containers with crystals be hidden? We can imagine many things.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1991uk.pdf Catalogue 1991 UK: Page 38 and 39: Space - M-Tron
LEGO Classic
 Another interesting mechanism, though not very important, is the possibility of bending the vehicle in half. This is done quite simply by trying to rotate the plate, which locks the windshield. The plate does not rotate, but causes the vehicle to bend in a certain direction. This is quite a comfortable mechanism and the same was also used in the smaller vehicle of the 6896-1: Celestial-Forager.

The vehicle crew

LEGO Classic
The crew
 The crew consists of three exactly the same dressed people located in three places on three different levels behind a large light-green window. The opening of the window is possible after raising the round plate. The first crew member is responsible for driving using two levers.
LEGO Classic
The crew
The next two memebers have computers and they have other tasks like navigating or checking the terrain. I would say communication with the base, but unfortunately the base as the original set were never released for M-Trons. However, the scheme of this series is so characteristic that making your own base is not a big problem. I can present my own idea for base at the  Scene-M-Tron-Station scene.
LEGO Classic
 It is worth noting that the M-Trons always communicate using shortwaves. They have lots of them, there is at least one in each set. Found crystals are stored in small containers with doors that are equivalent to mailboxes from Town. Here you have to appreciate ingenuity and hard work to minimize the available parts by using existing ones in different colors or decorations. I consider this a tremendous positive. They could make a new container with a hole large enough for a brand new crystal brick. Why use existing ones? Because bricks could be used for many purposes, not just one.
LEGO Classic
The available tools
 The crew has a number of tools including two previously mentioned scooters and a small space ship. Two inconspicuous containers hide many interesting devices. Here you will notice a new part that hangs around the neck and has the posibility to attach two cylinders in the form of round bricks. Two such items can be found in the containers, each with a gun attached to a cylinder through cable. This looks like a welder in this case. In addition, you can find simple tools like a wrench or a hammer.
LEGO Classic
The crew
One of the containers has an additional retractable hose with a handle at the end. This is exactly the same construction as in any firefighting vehicle in town. However, in this case, it is not really about water storage in a container. What can this hose serve for? I do not have a clear idea. Maybe it's a stronger version of the welder? I think no one will complain about the excess of available features, and the kids will gladly use them all to whatever they chose. There are also buttons and displays on the containers, suggesting a mounted onboard computer. Just have fun! We're leaving!
LEGO Classic

Alternative constructions

LEGO Classic
Packaging (back)
 This set proves that alternative proposals are extremely important. They primarily demonstrate the versatility of the set and the creativity that accompanied and should always accompany LEGO bricks. All you have to do is look at these constructions. Medium sized spaceship with huge engines in form of two large wheels? Great one! The second proposal is a large space ship that carries two space scooters in front. Also quite interesting idea. In total you can find four proposals. You just want to build them all!

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