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LEGO Classic
Catalog entry
Everyone organizes vacations in different ways. Some people prefer to go to the beach and lounging while others like to climb the mountains. However, there are those who like to dive and swim across the lake on a motorboat. This set offers an off-road car on big wheels along with a trailer, which is used to transport a motorboat by man in red tracksuit. The name contains RV shortcut, which is associated, at least to me with a big camper van. Nevertheless, this is an abbreviation for 'Recreational Vehicle', which suits to the car and trailer from this set. When it comes to recreational models, a car with a camper was released a year later in 6590-1: Vacation-Camper set.
LEGO Classic
The successor from 1992
Another year later interesting set 6388-1: Holiday-Home-with-Campervan was released, where you can find a house and camper van with a boat. We can say that there was no shortage of such sets in Town theme. You can choose a few options. Successor of the reviewed vehicle can be called a camper van with a boat from 6351-1: Surf-N-Sail-Camper released in 1992. This is admittedly not an off-road vehicle, which upon closer look is more similar to a vehicle from holiday home set. Nevertheless, it was medium sized independent set, where we could find a camper van with a boat analogous to this set.
I managed to find only one original scenery, where an individual in a red tracksuit floats on his motorboat at the lake in the airport's background. SUV with a trailer apparently does not fit in the frame.
LEGO Classic
Catalog's presentation from 1988

Off-road car with trailer

LEGO Classic
The truck with the trailer
The vehicle available in this set is an off-road car on large wheels. Rims are white here, but the axles are still made of metal. This is admittedly an old set, and the usage of steel axles was still continuted in 1986. Two versions of axles were present - with red or white rims. One nice little detail is openable flap to the engine at the front. While at the rear a sizable trunk with openable flap is located.
LEGO Classic
The trunk
The compartment at the back has windows around. It does not mean that an additional space for a passenger is available there. The height of the compartment is relatively small and there is no easy access from above. The flap at the back is openable, which has a little window too. The trunk is used to carry a set of diving. Diver costume is quite smart, because the paddles were simply made of two black ordinary flat 1x2 bricks. Besides that, our vacationer has a red helmet without glass and yellow airtank to his disposal.
LEGO Classic
White motorboat with a blue stripe is designed using standard template for Lego Town period. The engine is somewhat larger in this case, but the size of the boat itself is normal. It is worth noting that the windscreen in a motorboat is still an old type and it have 6 studs at the top. The diver uses a red trailer hooked to an off-road car by a ball joint to transport the motorboat. The trailer has two protruding studs to stick the boat, so it is enough to do not fall off and comfortable to remove it, as you do not need to hassle. In addition, the front of the trailer has two small wheels, which can be unwinded when unhooking it from the car.
{gal_image: legoset_06698_1_1::img005} In summary, in my opinion this is a quite nice set, which has some of the old elements that distinguish it from other models available at the late 80s. SUV is quite interesting, and for that we still have a motorboat on a trailer. Vacationer in the red tracksuit can go into the forest to pick some mushrooms. After that, he can hook up the trailer and go to the lake to swim in the motorboat.

Alternative constructions

LEGO Classic
Alternative jeep with kayak
Of course, as befits for a set from Lego Town theme, several alternative models have been proposed at the back of the packaging. Five proposals are available, although 130 bricks only we have to our disposal. A unique idea is amphibious. It looks like a motorboat on wheels. Jeep with a kayak is also an interesting solution, because it is very similar to the original construction, but much different though. Jeep do not have a roof and boat is without a motor and steering wheel. Alternatives can be seen in the section below. In time, all will be available.

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