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LEGO Classic
Catalog entry
 What would a city be without a post office or the mailman? In the 80s and 90s it was still one of the main means of communication at a distance. Postman or the post office could not be missing in town. In addition, almost every home had a mailbox and couple of letters, as for example 6349-1: Holiday-Villa or Lego-6374-1. These details made them more colorful and linked them together through the usage of the same parts as letters, trashcans or mailboxes. Would it not be nice to have a post office with the postman on a bicycle, when we already have a holiday villa with mailbox? Therefore, I think it was one of those small and perfect buildings that could fit into each town scenery. The following presentation is from the original catalog, where the small blue building can be seen in the foreground.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1985uk.pdf Catalogue 1985 UK: Page 20 and 21

The post office

LEGO Classic
Postal sets from 1982
 It is one of two available post offices in Town theme. Previous building in the red and yellow colors was released three years earlier in a set of LEGO-6362-1. It is much larger and has a truck to carry boxes with letters. That's not all, because a set with the mail truck and a driver for the transportation of letters included in 6651-1: Mail-Truck was released in 1982 also.
LEGO Classic
The building
 Building from this set is in the blue and black colors, which stands out among the other buildings. Most of the buildings in Town theme had colors of white or red, sometimes yellow. Blue color is seen less often. The building is small, it has one desk inside for a postal worker. One small window was placed next to the mailbox in the wall and it was the only source of light in addition to the large glass door. The postman had a little dark inside while sitting at the desk. 
LEGO Classic
The interior
 Letters can be dropped to the mailbox in the wall from outside. The postman can open this box from inside and take out all the letters to prepare them before distributing on his red bike. The postman has rarely available red shirt with the postal logo and a black cap with a narrow peak. The second person in this set is a woman with brown hair, dressed in a sweater with red stripes and blue pants. This lady just walked by to send a letter. It is noteworthy that two unique labels are used here. The opening hours are imprinted on the door and a great postal sign is placed on the roof, so you will surely not confuse this building with any other. Originally, the postal sign is smaller than its predecessor had from 1982. It is sticked on two 1x4 bricks, when sign from 1982 is sticked on 3 pieces. In my presentation you can see the sign from 1982 on three bricks, because I do not possess sticker on two bricks at the moment. The sign itself is identical, just smaller in height.
In summary, I think this is an important building in the town scenery and I am surprised that there had been no new construction in the early 90s. Nevertheless, having this set and its big brother from the LEGO-6362-1 set you can enrich the city with postal services quite well. It is interesting to add that in 1988 the Post Office appeared as an alternative proposal Lego-6349-2 in a set of 6349-1: Holiday-Villa. I present one more scenery available in the original catalog from 1987 year, where you can see a blue building in the background right next to the fire brigade.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1987uk2.pdf Catalogue 1987 UK II: Page 18 and 19

Within the city of SceneGroup-Bebricton the post office appeared as well. You can see it in the leisure area below.

LEGO Classic
Bebricton - Leisure Area

Alternative constructions

Despite the small amount of bricks few alternative proposals were added on the back of the packaging. Small postal stand with the counter, bus station with mailbox or a booth with letterbox. All designs can be seen in the following section of alternatives.
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