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Catalog entry
Not many of medical sets were available in Town theme, but despite appearances, there was a lot of interesting solutions. Lego instead of releasing dozens of similar models, have preferred to go for quality and release one very good quality set for years. That's what happened in this case. This ambulance is very well resolved, it has everything you need and is remembered even now after 30 years! The design as befits for Lego is very stable. You have to try hard to crash the van. Stretcher with the patient fit perfectly in the rear compartment.
LEGO Classic
Previous and next ambulance
The driver has a cabin with raised roof and openable doors. There is everything you need.
However, this is not the first ambulance in Town theme. Namely, in 1981 an ambulance was released with windows to the patient compartment, which is again very similar to the equivalent included in a set of Lego-6380-1 released in 1987.
LEGO Classic
Previous stretchers
Another ambulance was released only nine years later. It differed significantly and had a new medical sign with Rod of Aesculapius instead of red cross. It is worth noting that in the 1981 stretcher was still comprised of the bricks as two handles on the basis of 2x6. Stretcher in this set was actually a novelty. Until 1988 enough of medical sets were released to effectively save and heal people involved in different accidents.
Below you can see the simple, but still interesting presentation of the town from Lego's 1985 catalog with the use of this ambulance.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1985eutr3.pdf Catalogue 1985 EU III: Page 18: Town

The Vehicle

LEGO Classic
Ambulance, patient and doctor
The set contains an ambulance in red and white, which were standard medical colors back in the days. Two people are present here. Medic in professional clothes with a red cross on his chest and a woman dressed in blue in the role of the patient. Moreover, a special stretcher is available in the form of one part with attached folding wheels. In the interior of the vehicle it is possible to accommodate a stretcher with the patient by opening up the back flap and folding wheels of the stretcher. The vehicle has three blue lights on the roof and up to four signs of the red cross. Two at the sides, one in front and one on the roof.
LEGO Classic
Placing patient
It is impossible not to notice what is the purpose of this vehicle. In the 80s the red cross was a sign of medical Lego sets. It was changed in the mid-90s to the sign of blue Rod of Aesculapius. Set consists of 72 bricks, but most of them are universal. This gives you broader possibilities to build other structures.
I present below the ambulance in action at two parts of Bebricton city.
LEGO Classic
Rescue action at the Bebricton's Leisure Area
LEGO Classic
Rescue action near the Bebricton's Wild Forest

Alternative buildings

LEGO Classic
Blood Collection
Although it is a small set, the Lego designers did not lack ideas for alternative builds. The advantage of this set are almost all universal bricks. Up to five proposals we can find on the back of the packaging plus one of my own! Interesting ideas are a small pharmacy with a retractable front flap or operating room. Not all ideas are different versions of vehicles. My proposal is a car with a trunk which can carry a portable device for blood collection.
All models can be seen in the list below. Each has at least a few different pictures.

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