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Klasyka LEGO
Catalog entry
Airplanes have always been popular and well received, which is why you can find several sets of small planes in Town theme. This is one of them. Small, single plane available with an airport employee, whose task is to assist in landing. I have not found any presentation of this set in the original catalog, even though there were couple of occasions to place it at the 6392-1: Airport or nearby at least. Therefore, this time I present my own Aeropolis scenery, where turboprop is located next to the hangar for aircraft's maintenance. 
Klasyka LEGO
Aeropolis scenery


Klasyka LEGO
Pilot's cabin
 This sets lets you create a small aircraft in white and red colors. The wings are mounted at the bottom of the fuselage. Name of the aircraft - Turboprop - indicates that is driven by a propeller. The aircraft is equipped with two smaller propellers located on the wings on both sides. It uses three sets of wheels to land. Two figures are available here, one is the pilot, and the other is airport worker with two signal holders. 
Klasyka LEGO
Pilot and assistant
 This set is ideally fits to 6392-1: Airport, where the eomployees are dressed in the same way in shirts with the airport logo. The assisant using two signal holders have task to help the aircraft with landing process.
The cockpit has a hinged roof, which greatly facilitates the boarding process. Tires in the chassis are smooth, and these are the best to move. The front wheel is not rotatable, as happens in some aircrafts from other sets. This plane has a set of three non-rotating wheels. The aircraft is ideally suited for aerobatics next to the brotherly design 6673-1: Solo-Trainer released three years later.

Alternative constructions

Klasyka LEGO
Alternative motorboat
 This set is a perfect example of how fragmented sets of Lego Town theme were artfully created. Each brick has several uses and they were so small that you could create very different models with it. 
Klasyka LEGO
Alternative hydrofoil
 The plane constructed with 78 bricks can be converted into five structures proposed on the back of the packaging, including boats, aircraft with open cabin or even a sailcraft. In addition, I present my own proposal for a hydrofoil with two propellers mounted on the tail. It is worth noting that the proposed models still leave a lot of bricks from which you can use to create additional structures like pier or jump platform. There are a lot of possibilities and I think it is very valuable feature of Lego bricks, which used well can develop imagination and the construction skills of a child.

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