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LEGO Classic
Catalog entry
 This set offers us a medium-sized blue and white airplane with a red stripe. The name suggests it is a plane of individual who likes to train flying skills alone. Spare fuel tank and a wrench is available in this set also, which emphasizes the independence of the pilot. The set was released in 1990. In the same year many other brilliant sets were released like 6396-1: International-Jetport, where you can see a small blue plane on the presentations available in the catalogs from the early 90s. The machine is very similar in design to the airplane from 6687-1: Turbo-Prop-I set released three years earlier, but the location of the wings, propellers and method of opening the cabin is completely different. The pilot with his airplane can be seen on Clabrisic in several sceneries, such as Aeropolis or Aeropolis. It fits very well to the 6396-1: International-Jetport, but also to the previous airport from 6392-1: Airport set.
LEGO Classic
Catalog's presentation from 1990
LEGO Classic
Bebricton - Flight Center


LEGO Classic
The airplane and pilot
 The first thing which is conspicuous are the wings attached to the upper part of the fuselage. Two propellers were placed on the wings, which are the main drive of this machine. The chassis is composed of three sets of single smooth wheels. The front wheel is not rotatable and I think it's even better. For smaller structures it is not necessary. The most interesting thing in this set is the way of accessing the cockpit.
LEGO Classic
Cockpit opened
The entire upper part of the aircraft with wings opens up, to get inside and be able to locate the pilot in his place. The pilot has three circular indicators and buttons in the cabin just below the window. The aircraft does not have any extra space inside even for a suitcase. It is a machine designed for short range flights like aerobatics.
LEGO Classic
Spare fuel tank and a wrench on a stand are included in this set. Flying lasts a lot longer thanks to that, because the pilot can refuel aircraft on the spot and fix minor problems if necessary.

Alternative constructions

Alternative proposals available at the back of the packaging shows us once again how different structures could be made with Lego sets released back in the 90s. From the airplane you can create two boats or a smaller version of the glider. Additionally, you can create small pier along with the boat. All proposals are presented in the alternatives section below.

LEGO Classic
Catalog's presentation from 1991

The plane appeared in the original airport's presentations twice, as you can see in the image above.
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