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Catalog entry
 Racing may have a different character and not just competition in the form of a low-profile racing bolids was available in Town theme, but other interesting proposals also. LEGO liked to experiment with different ideas as racing in th mud or sand, dragsters or roadsters. In this case, however, another interesting idea was created in the form of a racing truck. Unfortunately, in classic town no more vehicles of this type appeared in standard edition, which makes this vehicle unique in its own way. However, two sets were released with racing trucks as limited edition in the US in 1993 and 1996.
LEGO Classic
Limited edition racing trucks
 Lego-1991-1 contains a truck in the colors of the United States flag along with four stars on the bumper. Big engine with spoiler can be seen behind the cabin, which clearly identifies the vehicle as racing. This is a good competitor for the daredevil, but unfortunately it was not released in the standard edition and in Europe hardly anyone has seen this vehicle. Especially that in 1993 the communication was not yet as well developed as it is today. Another set of racing trucks were released in 1996 as limited edition. LEGO-1821-1 consists of two trucks from with beak very similar to that reviewed here.
On the other hand it is a pity that no more vehicles of this type appeared in standard edition, because this idea could be developed and truck racing would be an interesting alternative. Daredevil appears in the catalog scenery of mud races from 1991. This presentation, however, is a bit odd, because shows flying truck on a fairly small hill. It may look impressive, but somehow unreal. It does not fit too much into mud racing also, unless someone likes to call a crane to pull out monster that weigh several tons from the swamp. I think that the ideal area to show the possibilities for this type of truck would be racing at short distance on the asphalt road with similiar trucks. This is actually quite an interesting idea for the next scenery.
LEGO Classic
Source: Brickset.com 1991uk.pdf Catalogue 1991 UK: Page 24 and 25: Town

The Vehicle

LEGO Classic
The truck and the driver
 Six-wheeled truck is available here with an engine mounted in the front beak. Two long exhaust pipes coming directly from the engine on both sides ends at the back of the vehicle. Large moveable spoiler with number 4 is mounted at the rear. It is these pipes and spoiler gives the truck a racing character and at the same time it is quite unique. I can confidently say that there is no second truck in Town theme of this type, even similar. These long exhaust pipes were rarely used, and in the standard edition appeared in the vehicle 6646-1: Screaming-Patriot also. Truck is fairly well lit, as many as four yellow and white lights are at the height of the front bumper. In addition, there are three yellow lights on the roof and two red lights at the rear of the vehicle. 
LEGO Classic
Back view
 There are no objections to drive through the city with that vehicle. It is worth noting that in 1991 new thick tires on wide rims were introduced, which, as in the normal transport truck present worse, it fit perfectly here. Why worse? Just compare a truck from a set of 6541-1: Intercoastal-Seaport and Lego-6542-1. Two sets of seaports were released in 1991 also, including two trucks with different types of wheels. It has just been such a transition to a new type of tires and rims. Previous large tires are with similar diameter, but fit into the small rim and are narrow. It appears that the proportions are quite well preserved compared to the small tires. However, the new wheels are very thick and has large rims. Ideally suited just as a race wheels like here, but do the simple transport truck drive on wide tires? Sometimes they do, but this is the case when two wheels are installed at the back to carry heavier load. This is obviously my small digression. New type of wheels were rather accepted without any major problems and most of the vehicles requiring to carry more weight had them already after 1991.
The driver is dressed in a white suit with white helmet on his head. This fact emphasize the racing character of the vehicle, as none of the normal vehicle with cabin requires a helmet from the driver.

Daredevil can be found in several sceneries, available at Clabrisic. He is present in , where he is involved in a quarrel with a fan of motors.
LEGO Classic
Bebricton - quarrel in the leisure area

Alternative constructions

In this case, I have to say that the proposals are really interesting. Truck without the beak with normal cabin could even be a separate set. Six-wheeled bulldozer with cabin or a dragster, that's all you can do with 90 bricks available in this set.
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