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2017, jan 25 15:00

Klasyka LEGO
Catalog entry
Every human being generates garbage and society needs to organize a system for the collection and export of waste to not to get buried under them. Civilized cities have couple of methods to do it. Trash bins or containers may be enough. Bins are used rather in houses and the containers are used in cities or near the flats for the greater concentrations of people in one place. LEGO designers haven't been too hasty with the release of sets containing garbage trucks, as only two were created for nearly two decades.
Klasyka LEGO
Garbage truck from 1987
Maybe this is a small amount, but it was acceptable because as always the quality of these two vehicles were extremely high. The truck from 1987 in a 6693-1: Refuse-Collection-Truck set was reviewed eariler and has been designed for collecting garbage from the trash bins, that are usually installed in houses. A few years later, after exactly 5 years, a new truck was released for the 90s. As you can see at first glance, this time it was a vehicle carrying container with garbage. I've managed to find one original presentation from the 1992 with this garbage truck, where the operator is trying to deploy a container next to restaurant near the beach.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1992uk.pdf Catalogue 1992 UK: Page 28 and 29: Town - The Beach

The truck

Klasyka LEGO
The driver
 The first thing that is conspicuous are new wide tires with large rims, which in 1992 were still a new idea. They replaced wheels in trucks from LEGO sets almost completely for subsequent years. It was probably one of the reason to design new garbage truck. New wheels are primarily twice wider than previous. The same applies to rims, which diameter is twice as large. This modification can be compared by looking at previous yellow model of garbage truck, which had narrow wheels. Another case is the color of the vehicle. It is hard not to notice that it differs from the standard scheme. All vehicles for construction and cleaning are usually in yellow-red colors. In this case, we have gray with red and a bit of white. The most interesting mechanism used in this truck is undoubtedly container's lift. This is the same mechanism that was used in the coast guard from 6353-1: Coastal-Cutter set to pull a small boat to the ship. The lift is attached on one side to the rope rolled on the shaft and on the other side is the rubber, which pulls it. The shaft is controlled by the knob protruding from the cabin right next to the driver's door. Mechanism works flawlessly thanks to very good LEGO bricks quality, which are cut exact to the micron.
Klasyka LEGO
The truck
Just use the knob to pull or lower the cargo. The container has an openable flaps on the top and one at the rear. Label with three curved arrows forming a circle is visible at both sides of the container, which means those are the recyclable garbage. Sticker, however, is problematic because it sticks together several bricks and dismantling the container can be impossible without detachment.
Klasyka LEGO
The container
The driver and at the same time lift operator is wearing a black worksuit with red cap. The additional worker is not required this time, as it was in the previous case of garbage truck set. The driver has to his disposal black shovel and broom. In the summary, this truck is undoubtedly one of the interesting vehicle models released in the early 90s mainly due to the ingenious mechanism of the lift. Furthermore, the new garbage truck was a good idea because of the large gap between the previous one. I present the scenery of , where you can find this truck.
Klasyka LEGO
Bebricton - Flight Center

Alternative constructions

Klasyka LEGO
Packaging (back)
Ideas for other structures out of bricks contained in this set could not be missing here. There is a full range of proposals, which starts quite unusual. The first design is not a vehicle, but a machine for crushing garbage into small plates? I'm not sure, but it looks quite interesting. Another three vehicles are the transport truck, a bulldozer and a crane. This is undoubtedly some interesting models. You have to remember about the sticker though, which may not survive the attempt of building alternative proposals.
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