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Klasyka LEGO
Catalog entry
Police sets have always enjoyed great popularity and smaller ones could be considered a kind of promotion. Predecessor of this set is a helicopter from 6642-1: Police-Helicopter set. In this case, however, we have got a small combination of two police officers - a motorcyclist and a the pilot. This set perfectly complements the largest police station in Town theme available in 6398-1: Central-Precinct-HQ set. I could not find a helicopter on any of the presentation in catalogs for the 90s, despite the fact that since 1993 the entry is visible. I present the scenery below, where cops from this set might find theirs place.
Klasyka LEGO
Catalog's presentation from 1994

Klasyka LEGO
The helicopter
 The helicopter is a very modest design. There is no space for luggage or even a handle for the radio or camera. There is actually nothing here apart from the seating for the pilot. You can say that it is a disadvantage, but on the other hand it is always something new. If you look at the helicopter from 6398-1: Central-Precinct-HQ set, it resembles a hybrid of helicopter with the aircraft. It is huge and has many places to hide additional equipment. While the helicopter from this in contrast is very agile and economical.
Klasyka LEGO
LEGO introduced new police logo and a new police suits in the '90s. This set is a postulate of this changes also. The helicopter and motorcycle wield new police logo already with a red stripe at the bottom. Policemen have black suits with a new badge on chest and glasses on theirs noses. Undoubtedly, you will find that each model of vehicle, aircraft or watercraft from public services in LEGO sets is marked with its function in many places. It is very hard to overlook it. It is not different this time. The helicopter has "Police" inscription on both sides under the propeller. The same applies to a motorcycle. The policeman motorcyclist also has the word "Police" inscribed on the helmet. Police officer on the picture above forgot to wear proper helmet, but in the gallery below, you can find him on previous images with the correct version. This set despite its simplicity, may be also useful. Especially that you will not find such a simple design of police helicopter in any other set for the 90s. After all, the city must be protected by someone from bad guys and therefore each set of police will find its place.
I present chopper cops in Bebricton city at the flight center.
Klasyka LEGO
Bebricton - Flight Center

Alternative constructions

Four proposals are present at the back of the packaging. It is one more than usual amount for set of this size. Motorcycle with booth, two opened helicopters for low flight and an interesting concept of large police motorcycle.
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