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Klasyka LEGO
Catalog entry
 Excavator is the basis of construction, something has to dig holes for new buildings after all. Unfortunately I was not able to find the presentation in the original catalog, which would present this machine in action. However, nothing is lost, because on Clabrisic you can find many building processes performed by a team consisting of construction machines such as excavators, dumpers or bulldozers. All can be viewed here. One of the many pictures of the holiday's villa construction process from 6349-1: Holiday-Villa set I present below, where the excavator is preparing the ground for building.

Klasyka LEGO
Build process of holiday's villa from Lego-6349-1

The Vehicle

Klasyka LEGO
Other diggers
 This is not the first construction machine of this type released in Town theme. The first excavator with the rear arm appeared in 1984, and it was a set of LEGO-6686-1. It was very similar, and in fact had exactly the same functions. However, in my humble opinion, excavator from 1992 looks better and it is more natural. In the meantime yet another six-wheeled excavator have been released in 1985. The next building machine with ability to perform the excavation was a smaller version of the wheeled excavator available in a set of 6581-1: Dig-N-Dump issued in 1995.

The vehicle has front bucket to push or collect and smaller bucket on the rear arm for digging. The arm is moving on two hinges and a rotatable base, which allows you to perform all the necessary movements to dig the rubble. Almost like the real excavator. It also has outriggers positioned on the back of the chassis. Excavator operates a worker in a red work suit. Excavator cabin has two windshields, the back one is perpendicular and provides the view for dig operations. The driver can turn around easly inside the cabin for driving and for digging. A set of accessories are included here, two road signs, a broom and shovel.
This model perfectly fits with other construction vehicles, such as dumper and a bulldozer. Well managed team can build any structure.

Alternative constructions

There are three alternative designs available in this set on the back of the packaging. Stationary excavator, race car and loader.
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