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Klasyka LEGO
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 The vehicle presented here is ment for mobile TV recordings. Seeker of sensations himself. Unfortunately, there is no TV recording studio in Town series, where this vehicle could find itself and return. Moreover, I could not find even a single presentation of its use, which is a bit strange. Lego catalog's often presents an event, accident, fire or some other disaster. Why this cameraman with his truck never appeared in any of them? They had forgotten about him? Was there no need for perpetuation of such events on tape? The strange thing, because the set is quite interesting and unique. There is one other television set released at the end of the Town theme - LEGO-6553-1. Set includes van on slick tires placed at the desert with a helicopter. However, you can see that the sticker is on the side of the van, not a printing. Another mobile cameraman was indeed released with 6659-1: TV-Camera-Crew, but the use of that jeep indicates a movie cameraman, definitely the vehicle to record events in movement. Therefore, this set has a unique vehicle for standard TV recordings. Its absence in the catalogs of Lego did not stop me from using it in my own scenery Aeropolis.

Klasyka LEGO
Presentation in Aeropolis scenery


Klasyka LEGO
The truck
This is a typical, standard size small truck in blue and gray colors. Couple of such vehicles can be found in Town theme used for transportation 6624-1: Delivery-Van or mail delivery 6651-1: Mail-Truck. Printing with word TV on both sides of the vehicle is rare and there is only one set with similar stickers released almost a decade later, LEGO-6553-1. Big antenna on the roof provides a seamless transmission of the video stream to the studio. Rotates on two axes, around and down / up.
Klasyka LEGO
The trunk
In the trunk there is a lot of space, enough to put big camera. In addition, behind the flap hangs the computer from the roof. It seems to be pretty normal for a car with mobile recordings. Computer have to be present for easy preview or for other things. Right behind the driver's seat are the two windows on both sides,
Klasyka LEGO
Cameraman with camera
which suggests that the vehicle is used for something other than transport only. Good idea, because if it was all built, it would look more like the transport vehicle.
Cameraman is dressed in a white suit with blue cap on the head. Professional camera is high and can be used for stationary recording of events.

Alternative constructions

Three alternative proposals are available here, what is fairly common for a small set. Ideas, as always, can stimulate the imagination, because with 78 bricks you can create a completely different models. Which in this case? Small tractor with a cameraman, a small jeep and the concept of mobile cameraman. A camera mounted on the back of a truck without a roof to record in the movement. Fun for the next hour.
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