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Klasyka LEGO
Catalog entry
All kinds of machines are required during the construction and the bulldozer is undoubtedly one of them. Excavators usually have the bucket also at the front to collect debris or dirt, but it is smaller. It is worth noting that the bulldozer from this set has the largest bucket available, two times bigger than that available in an excavator released two years earlier in LEGO-6686-1 set or later, published in 1992 - 6662-1: Back-Hoe. This makes the bulldozer from this set still worthy of attention and needed for construction. Unfortunately, I found only one presentation in a small catalog from 1986, where bulldozer is visible at foreground during the construction.
Klasyka LEGO
Catalog's presentation from 1986

The machine

Klasyka LEGO
The bulldozer and operator
Bulldozer is one of the most interesting construction machine model. It has a movable bucket for scooping. Bucket rises and can be adjusted up and down. Finally, the vehicle bends in the middle, which is a rather rare feature and occurs mainly in the dumpers. Another unique feature is the largest tires and wheels used in the Town theme. The vehicle's cabin has been cleverly designed using universal bricks to create an interesting effect of partial fenders. Large-sized engine can be seen at the rear of the vehicle with a pipe sticking out of the top. Two yellow lights on top of the cabin's front is another interesting idea to locate the missing front lights. Machine's operator is dressed all in blue, which is a bit strange because every worker in this period wore blue or red braces. This time, however, the operator has a uniform outfit. The fun with this vehicle can be great, as it offers many possibilities. The presentations of the construction site requires this vehicle pretty often, as something and someone needs to take care of the remaining debris or dirt.
The vehicle can be seen in action in many galleries presenting the building processes available here.
Klasyka LEGO

The above picture shows the process of building the fire station from 6389-1: Fire-Control-Center set. The whole process can be seen here.

Alternative construction

You can find alternative structures at the back of the packaging, which can be done with the 65 bricks available. Because this set contains specific part which is the bucket, the majority of proposals are alternative version of the bulldozer. It is still great, that despite of the small number of bricks you can create so many interesting structures. LEGO designers during this period did not forget about it, to remember it by putting as many as five proposals. Below you can see all of them.
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