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Catalog entry
In every city a proper maintenance is required, so that order may be maintained. Garbage collection is not everything, someone has to take care of dirt sweeping on the street and collecting trash scattered on the sidewalks. This is the task for the sweeper vehicle. The vehicle available in this set is the last of its kind in Town theme and has two predecessors. In 1991 very similar sweeper was released with two employees in a set of 6645-1: Street-Sweeper. It had no sprinklers at the back, but it had an extra container for disposal. If someone is inexperienced in vehicles from Town theme, those two can be very easily confused.
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Previous street cleaners
I can tell by my example, that when I started my adventure a second time with Lego Town, I was convinced that there is only one sweeper. Previous vehicle of this type available in the 80s were a bit different. It did not have windscreen and had no automatic sweeper. It was a small service trolley with a handle for the brush and shovel from 6607-1: Service-Truck set released in 1982. Returning to the sweeper from 1995, I have found one presentation from the original catalog, where we can see it. Unfortunatelly, this presentation is a bit unreasonable, because the sweeper is placed on a desert road to some mountain. The very name suggests that it is a street sweeper. Unfortunately, 1995 was already one of those years, where this kind of absurdities began to appear and the era of Lego Town splendor was slowly starting to end.
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Source: 1995eu.pdf Catalogue 1995 EU: Page 4 and 5: Town - Spaceport
Nevertheless, I can say that vehicle from this set still fit the standards of the Town theme. Below, I present in my humble opinion, the correct use of this sweeper to clean the street in one part of the city .
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Bebricton - Flight Center

The Vehicle

LEGO Classic
The vehicle
The vehicle has front sweeping brush composed of two parts. Car wash 6397-1: Gas-N-Wash-Express uses the same part for the construction of the brushes. Unique brush holder brick is available here with 1x6 technic axle. This handle has been improved compared to the previous available in a 6645-1: Street-Sweeper set. Yes, the handles are quite different, because the previous from 1991 was based on two standard hinges and gave the ability to move in only two axes - left, right, up or down. The new handle available in the 6649 set is based on the knob and gives you the ability to move the brush in all axes. 
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Sprinklers at the back
 Maybe this is not practical in a standard street sweeping activity, but it is possible to move the brush diagonally.
Overall windshield is inclined downwards. It is not unusual for this particular type of vehicle, where the driver needs to see what is happening on the street.
Four water sprinklers are located at the rear of the vehicle. On the sides there are accessories attached in the form of broom and black shovel. Additionally, there is a small round movable brush attached at the left side of the sweeper.
The driver of the vehicle has a blue jacket and blue pants, red hat and glasses. The same style was used a year later in a set of 6581-1: Dig-N-Dump or in the same year in the 6535-1: Dumper set with dump truck. New suits were given to all workers from 1995 year..

Alternative constructions

Although not many bricks are available in this set, designers had no shortage of ideas for alternative structures available at the back of the packaging such as handy sweeper or a race car. All you can see in detail in the section of the alternatives below. It is worth noting that the racer is a common alternative proposal for the Town sets.
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