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Catalog entry
 Racing cars appeared in Town theme in all manner of forms. The most popular, however, were low-profile racers, which got two sets of finish lines with grandstands. I refer, of course, to a known set of 6395-1: Victory-Lap-Raceway and its smaller brother 6381-1: Motor-Speedway. These vehicles were similar to bolids and probably because of that they were most successful. Nevertheless, Lego tried different concepts of racing vehicles and this was just one of those. The vehicle is quite unusual and unique in a series of Town. I suspect that there is real equivalent, although I could not find such. The reference to the United States is here well exposed in the form of a flag on the spoiler and the name itself indicates the presence of an ardent patriot. This is a standard set in Town theme, which means it was sold everywhere and promoted in original catalogs. It is worth noting, because lots of limited sets were released and available only in the US, for example, a crane from LEGO-1489-1 set. In contrast, reviewed vehicle was not a limited version of what could be considered a nod to the American community of Lego bricks fans.
Car with driver was present on at least two presentations in original catalogs. Firstably, he can be seen in frantic ride in the mud race, where I think this vehicle fits poorly. Despite the high rear suspension is quite built up at the front and has a huge engine, which is probably quite heavy. Should such vehicle drive on the rugged and quite soft ground?
LEGO Classic
Source: 1991uk.pdf Catalogue 1991 UK: Page 24 and 25: Town

The second presentation shows our driver in a less comfortable situation, because most probably his car broke down on the road.

LEGO Classic
Source: 1992uk.pdf Catalogue 1992 UK: Page 28 and 29: Town - The Beach

The Vehicle

LEGO Classic
Front view
 The first thing that is conspicuous in this car is the sizable engine, from which a very long exhaust pipes comes out ending at the rear wheels. This suggests that the vehicle has tremendous power. Another thing is the raised rear suspension on wide and thick wheels. Following this lead we can say that it is a vehicle very similar in use to the dragster. While it do not have an elongated bow, but still the power of the motor can provide a very good acceleration and this is the main feature of dragsters. However, in this case the vehicle has a normal size, which provides greater possibilities to maneuver on the road. It is worth noting that this vehicle don't have a 'real' lights. Instead of transparent bricks as lights a yellow counterparts were placed. 
LEGO Classic
The vehicle's back
 No lights are present at the rear of the vehicle also, which leads to the conclusion that the vehicle is not suited for city driving. Its main destination is the race track. As I mentioned earlier, the vehicle refers to the American community through the use of the flag of the United States at the spoiler. Set name, which is screaming patriot suggests us that Americans are staunch patriots. The driver in this set is dressed in a red suit with a zipper. He wears a white helmet on his head. This is probably a good idea, as the vehicle does not have a roof.In summary, this is not the only such a unique concept in Town theme. Although driving without lights through the city might end up differently, such unique vehicles always introduces some diversity in Town scenery. The car was not designed with usage any particular template used in Town theme, but the corresponding proportions were preserved. It was definitely very cool in Town theme that there was no need to wonder whether the vehicle will match other sets or not. Everything was designed so that they fit together inspite of mixing various concepts.

Alternative constructions

One of the alternatives is a dragster, several of which can also be found in other sets as an alternative.
The second is a smaller racer, and the last proposal is the tractor! Just in time for the farming collection.
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