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Catalog entry
Some of the people if not the most will always want to buy an ice cream or a cold drink on a hot day. It is hard to imagine a city without the person offering such delicacies and refreshing drinks. In the '80s such carts were quite popular, which tireless seller was carrying into the most appropriate place. Today, such services are offered by ice-cream parlor located inside the building rather than through mobile solution. However, the cart fits perfectly in the city from the period of Lego Town. The details of this kind are never enough. In the original presentation of the 1985 you can see how the seller sneaks up behind the post office looking for a suitable place to set up to sell ice cream.
LEGO Classic
Catalog presentation from 1985

The Cart

LEGO Classic
The seller
 This set offers us a small cart with ice cream. Under the two flaps that open to the both sides the freezer is located. In addition, there are two dispensers for cold drinks. For better seller comfort and for general effect of the cart an umbrella has been added. The cart has a movable stand, which the seller may unwind when he want to park. This set even though it is small, it holds quite good price. It has some unique bricks, especially at the front there is a 1x2 brick with ice cream printed. 
LEGO Classic
Serving drinks
 The next two bricks are two openable flaps on both sides in the freezer, which I have not seen in any other set so far. It is not the end, because the seller has a rare wear too. Torso with white uniform and bow tie fits here very well, but it was available only in a few Lego sets in the Town theme. Therefore, the price of this set is quite high, because it is hard to find it in good shape after 30 years with bricks not worn and not destroyed. However, sometimes you can find the opportunity to purchase a separate block of ice cream printed on or a figure with a white uniform.

Alternative structures

Small set or large, alternatives has never lacked in Lego Classic period. In this case we have 3 proposals, which are described below. In time photos will be added. You can see them at the picture of the packaging back for now.
Alternative sets:
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