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LEGO Classic: LEGO 6590 Vacation Camper
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Catalog entry
 The most common time when most of us think about vacations is summer time. Warm sunshine and a light breeze of wind is ideal to relax near the water. Definitely more possibilities are available when you have car with campervan than just a holiday near the beach. Mountains or forests as well can be visited. This type of vehicle could not be missing in Lego Town theme. You can see it in one of the presentations in 1988, where the car has been used by a couple going to the airport. The man is carrying suitcase and they are walking toward the terminal. It suggests, that they want to fly somewhere instead of using the camper. The use of this set in that presentation is a little weird, because why they tow a trailer to the airport, when they want to fly somewhere? Nevertheless, I will try to present this car in a better place in near future.
LEGO Classic
Catalog's presentation from 1988

The car and the camper

LEGO Classic
Counterpart from 1984
 This is actually the second of this type of car in Town theme. In 1984, a very similar vehicle was released, but differs significantly in design. It used old metal axles with red wheels, which emphasize the special appearance of Lego vehicles from the early 80s. No wonder that with the start of new rims usage with separate axles a new vehicle with camper was released using a new style four years later.
LEGO Classic
The car with camper
 This set provides the car with a camper. The car is made in a standard style for Lego Classic period, but as always a little different from other cars! In this case, the front bumper is unusually low, on the back is perpendicular windshield and even there is a place for the spoiler.
LEGO Classic
Inside the camper
Vehicle definitely stands out, despite the use of the default template. Mounted hook at the back of the car pulls a sizable camper behind. The trailer has perpendicular windows at front and rear, and additional windows on the side walls. The sunshine light definitely will not have a problem to pass in here! Quite wide opening hatch up in the middle of the vehicle allows us to get inside the trailer. In the middle you can find one small table with two seats and two cups. Besides, there is nothing. It is simply extra space where you can put a figurine before the windshield or stow extra luggage. Two figures and a gray suitcase are included in this set.
LEGO Classic
Bebricton - Mud Racing

Alternative constructions

Quite a lot of proposals are available, because 5 of them! Recreational vehicle or a car with a trailer for drinks. A small truck with a plate or a convertible. More than 100 bricks offers some possibilities.
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