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Catalog entry
The era of promoting the Shell company in Lego sets was coming to an end in 1992 and new era of fictional oil company named Octan started lasting to present day. In this regard it would be fitting to refresh some racing sets, especially that for a long time there was no specific changes. I am talking about high-speed, low-profile racing cars adapted to simple and circular laps. The predecessor of the vehicle presented in this set may be called the car from 6503-1: Sprint-Racer. Released in 1988, the 4-studs wide car was one of the most recognized racing vehicle design for 80s and it even got its own finish line with grand stands released in 6395-1: Victory-Lap-Raceway set. Those were the old days of late 80s and Shell promotions. In 1996, however new series of vehicles was released wielding a logo of fictitious Octan company. Presentation of a racing lap with all new racing sets together with the car bearing number 4 in the foreground could be found in catalog for 1996 year. This presentation is very similar to its predecessor from 1988, which can be seen in a review of 6503-1: Sprint-Racer.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1996eu.pdf Catalogue 1996 EU: Page 8 and 9: Town - Racing

The vehicle

LEGO Classic
 The design of this vehicle introduced new brick for chassis which is 10-studs long and 4-studs wide. The year 1996 can be considered the last for Town theme, so the chassis has been practically used only for the construction of these racing cars in three sets. In addition, new rims and tires were used. The rims are smaller. The tires are slick and wider. Much more similar to those installed in the real bolide. In addition, it is worth noting that the vehicle is moving very smoothly, the resistance is quite small.
LEGO Classic
The driver
Number of the vehicle is visible from three sides: the front, left and right. The car from this set is unique though, because as the only one holds logo of Octan company in three places including noticeable spoiler. The driver's suit is not standard also, because it has a special "Racing" inscription and Octan logo again. Helmet with stars is also unusual. Similar situation is in the other racing sets described below. Drivers also have special suits with patterns on the helmets, so they can be fairly easily identified. I present below the racer during the test drive of the route under the bridge.
LEGO Classic
Under the bridge
LEGO Classic
Finish line set
You might wonder why this car bears the number 4 instead of just 1 like its predecessor from 6503-1: Sprint-Racer? In this case, the designers have mixed up some numbers in different sets. In this way, we can find a total of 6 racing cars. LEGO-6337-1 includes finish line with a little pitstop were two cars are present with the number 1 and 3 in red and black.
LEGO Classic
Indy transport
The second set offers three cars with a transportation truck from a set of 6335-1: Indy-Transport. Those cars bears numbers of 2, 5 and 6. All composed together gives us 6 race cars numerated from 1 do 6 along with finish line and truck to transport vehicles. It is worth mentioning about the truck, because design of it is very interesting. No specially new bricks have been designed for it and whole mechanism supporting the upper deck is quite clever and easy to use. I consider this truck as one of the best models for 1996, when the Town theme slowly began to dissipate.
I present the car during the race organized by Octan company in Bebricton City. You can see this scenery in greater detail here.
LEGO Classic

Alternative constructions

Three proposals appeared on back of the packaging, which was the standard amount for a small set. Those three models are other forms of racing cars. It is quite interesting composition, because it represents a small go-cart, something like a dragster and a car similar to the old pattern, on which car from 6503-1: Sprint-Racer was built. All those concepts of race cars were pretty frequently used in original sets of Lego.
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