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Klasyka LEGO
Catalog entry
 This set introduces a rather unique structure, because the police station with a water port and two police boats. It is the only one such station, at least in the Lego Town theme. There are a few sets with a water port, such as the coast guard 6338-1: Hurricane-Harbour, container loading crane Lego-6541-1 and 6542-1: Launch-Load-Seaport or a restaurant with a large pier 6543-1: Sail-N-Fly-Marina. However, for the police, this is only one such set. This precinct perfectly fits into water scenery. Two exquisite and timeless presentations can be seen below, where the most brilliant water sets are located along with the building reviewed here.
Klasyka LEGO
Catalog's presentation from 1991
Klasyka LEGO
Catalog's presentation from 1992


Klasyka LEGO
The building outside
 The building is small, it is a ground floor and a smaller second floor.
The color of the building is white-black, each vehicle or a police building is in those colors in Town theme. Surprisingly, virtually no color gray or blue were used. From the outside, the building has a sizable inscription 'Police' above the door, which definitely and unambiguously determines the function of the building. All the windows are light trasparent and have white stripes. The stripes appear in virtually any set of police building. You can even recognize the precinct just after those stripes, because in other black-white buildings they rarely occur.
Klasyka LEGO
The pier
On the ground floor there is a desk to receive visitors and decorative flower with one seat for waiting.  On the first floor there is a room designed for interrogations. You can find a recording device mounted in the wall. In addition, the room has a chair and a desk with computer. While at the outside is a small pier with two red railings, which in part determines a place to park the police boat.
Klasyka LEGO
Interior of the building
There are four figures available in this set, all are cops. Each figure is different, so you wont confuse them so easily. They are:
- Policeman in uniform with black hair and with safety jacket. His task is to control a small boat.
- Policeman in uniform and with white garrison cap. I assume that it is the commissioner. He drives a car.
- Policeman in overalls with zip and white helmet that patrols the streets on a motorcycle
- Policeman in overalls with zip, in a white garrison cap and with the life jacket, whose task is to control the big boat.

Klasyka LEGO
Car and motor
 Ground vehicles available in this set is a motorcycle and a small police car. The motorcycle is quite unusual, because it has the glass! It is a rare addition and mostly used in police sets like LEGO-6684-1. While a patrol car was made based on design of a small car, of which there are many in sets of Lego Classic period. Nevertheless, every car is different and has different characteristics or colors. You won't find two the same cars, even though they are very similar. This is just very cool because cars fit together nicely, but they are not the same.
Klasyka LEGO
Boats are also in standard watercraft design from the period of Lego Classic and you can find similar in many other sets. A small motorboat like small cars, can be found in many sets, but everywhere is different. Small motorboat have police sign at the bow and a black-white color. A large boat is virtually all black and definitely resembles a police water patrol. Boat has a tow rope at the rear, so it can take over a vessel in case of breaking the law or help someone in need.One of the coolest things in the big boat is open compartment on the front. All white hatch with opening up toward the bow, where we have access to a sizable closet. The interior of the boat is not filled and as you can see in the pictures, the space is large.
I present police station with pier at the Bebricton city below.
Klasyka LEGO
Bebricton - Seaport

Alternative structures

In this set it is available approx. 330 blocks, but alternative structures that designers proposed are definitely one of the nicest and very interesting! Have a look, how many of them there is! There are only descriptions added for now. You can view pictures of them on the packaging back in gallery below. In time, pictures made by me of every alternative set will come up, in prepared scenery, probably with some cool story!
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