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LEGO Classic
Catalog entry
Dumper is required during any construction, whether for debris export or to deliver new part for the building. This set offers a medium sized tipper and it is the last vehicle of this type available in Town theme. In 1995, Lego has decided to release a new series of construction vehicles along with big tipper truck and excavator from 6581-1: Dig-N-Dump set. That's not all, because it is worth noting that a worker from a new 6649-1: Street-Sweeper set has the same outfit as the worker present here. I was able to find the presentation in the original catalog from 1995, where the dumper is present. Unfortunately, not in building process. The driver circulates around in the dumper at the gas station holding a broom in a strange way, as if he would like to hit someone with it. While you can see this tipper in action in many building processes available at Clabrisic, for example, during the construction of the fire department from Lego 6389 set.
LEGO Classic
Source: Brickset.com 1995eu.pdf Catalogue 1995 EU: Page 8 and 9: Town - Racing

The Vehicle

LEGO Classic
The dumper
Tipper is very similar to its predecessor from 6532-1: Dumper set released in 1991. At first glance, you may think that this is the same vehicle after all. The container is in fact the same and the front of the vehicle is also very similar, but there are differences. Upon closer examination, you can see what differs. The new thick wheels on wider rims have been used here, which, in my humble opinion presents less real as "big" wheels of heavy vehicles in sets of Lego.
LEGO Classic
Previous dumpers
Besides that, the front of the vehicle is slightly different, because it is less built in new dumper. Finally, the most important element, which is missing is the lever next to the steering wheel! It is a pity that it has been removed in the new dumper, as now the driver does not have any way of lifting the container. He has to imagine such a switch. Previous dumpers from 80s differ more noticeably, but all have a common element - one-piece container. Accessories included in the set are: black shovel, broom and two red warning lights.

Alternative construction

Back of the packaging offers three alternative proposals, as befits for a small Lego set. You can see all of them in alternative section below.

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