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LEGO Classic: LEGO 6534 Beach Bandit
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Klasyka LEGO
Catalog entry
 Once in a while everyone of us have to get out of the sheer volume of cases, work and other responsibilities to relax and rest. Everyone likes to do something else, but there will also be recreation for those who like to swim and surf. This set offers a small car suitable for driving on rough terrain with a surfboard and folding sail. Perfect for the beach and summer time. Design reminiscent of a vehicle from a set of 6510-1: Mud-Runner released a year earlier. Surfer can be found at one of the presentations in the original catalog of 1992, where he just drives to the beach.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1992uk.pdf Catalogue 1992 UK: Page 28 and 29: Town - The Beach

The Vehicle

Klasyka LEGO
The vehicle and surfer
 Brick designed for harness the horses was used here as a frame on the sides of the vehicle. Undoubtedly it is ingenious and one of the best features of Lego bricks. The designers tried to create bricks so that they can be used in different structures for other purposes. Lego bricks in the Classic period were universal and as small as possible.
The vehicle has a sprung large rear wheels. Bumpy terrain is not scary for him. The rear of the car is equipped with two barriers, which carried a rolled up sail. Surfboard, however, is attached to the top railing. Transportation of the surfboard is not an issue and assembly takes a moment, after which the surfer can easily start surfing near the beach as long as the wind blows.

Alternative constructions

Three alternative proposals can be found on the back of the packaging. Sailcraft, stroller with a surfboard and watercraft looking like the boat with a sail.
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