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Klasyka LEGO
Catalog entry
Lots of police vehicles were released in Town theme. Starting with the smallest possible vehicle like 6506-1: Precinct-Cruiser ending with a big truck designed for surveillance in 6348-1: Surveillance-Squad set. In contrast, this set features a jeep in standard size created for police. Similar civilian jeeps can also be found, like. 6659-1: TV-Camera-Crew or 6660-1: Hook-Haul-Wrecker. I have not found any presentation in the original catalogs with usage of that jeep. However, I can present a policeman in pursuit of smugglers at the pier in the seaport of Bebricton city.
Klasyka LEGO
Bebricton - the chase at seaport


Klasyka LEGO
Jeep from the front
In this set we have a model of a police jeep in the standard off-road style on new large thick wheels with wide rims. Those wheels began to appear in all terrain and heavy vehicles from 1991 year. Black door in white colors are definitely a good idea, emphasize the character of the police. Jeep has an open trunk at the rear, where is a triangle sign warning with two yellow warning lights. On the roof there are substantial police blue lights. I do not quite understand why on the instructions picture in the upper right corner there is a drawing suggesting electric light contained in the set. As you can see, there is no room for the battery, so nothing here is electric. 
Klasyka LEGO
The trunk
 It is the usual nice model of a jeep. Probably it was simply done for the fact of having lights on the roof, but such signs always appear in sets with electric lights, so it can be confusing.
Klasyka LEGO
 Minifigure available in the set is obviously a policeman, wearing a uniform and a white cap.
In addition to a warning triangle, a police officer have two yellow lights on the blue cones, which are also located in the trunk. If you need to make a road block, this officer should appear on the scene.
Unfortunatelly I have not found any presentation in the original catalogs using this jeep. if I find any or I will place it in one of my own sceneries, I will add picture of it here.

Alternative constructions

Three interesting vehicles have been proposed. A police jeep off-road without a cabin, long police car and a small version of the police car.
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