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LEGO Classic: LEGO 6532 Diesel Dumper
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Klasyka LEGO
Catalog entry
Standard equipment of each construction crew is a dumper truck! They have to unload dug up rubble somewhere after all. The vehicle is definitely very important in the building process and it perfectly complements the construction team. This is not the first dumper of this type, but the differences in time of release are significant. Previous tippers were released at the beginning of the 80s and when 90s came, it was worth to refresh several vehicles. Unfortunately, I haven;t found any presentation in the original catalogs with the participation of this dumper. Construction scenes are rarely presented. Nothing is lost though, because you can see many building processes involving this dumper in 'Build process' available in the above Lego Database menu. This is a list of all building galleries of various sets and buildings available on Clabrisic. One picture of the racetrack's building process is shown below.
Klasyka LEGO
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This is a fairly simple model consisting of 46 bricks. The container is one big part of what personally I am not a fan. I believe that more bricks makes it more interesting and gives wider possibilities. However, in this case I understand the use of one part as the container. Tipper can therefore accommodate more rubble or other things and it is more stable. The container can be lifted and all rubble can be disposed without a problem. The beak of the vehicle bends from side to side, which definitely makes it easier to move. The vehicle is not suitable for high speed drive, it does not have a cabin. Small platform at the front only.
Klasyka LEGO
Similiar dumpers
Model has narrow and big tires on small rims. If the release date would be a year later, it probably would have thick tires on large rims already, such as the next dumper from LEGO-6535 set released in 1995.
The worker in a red building helmet with a blue work suit controls the truck. This is, of course not the first dumper of this type in Town theme. First one was released back in 1980 of similar size. Next, quite similar appeared in 1983. Both trucks had still old-style rims with metal axle. Another tipper was released after eight years, presented in this review.

Alternative proposals

Despite of the small amount of Lego bricks provided in this set, the designers provided us with 3 alternative proposals on the back of the packaging.
- tipper - second version of the dumper, this time with 4 wheels on the platform and two under the container.
- A small bulldozer - a small version of bulldozer with a pneumatic hammer, just in time for the reconstruction of the road!
- Bulldozer - a bulldozer with a wide plate, which can also serve as a snowblower!

Do not forget to check 'Build process' section available from the menu as well. It contains a lot of building processes involving lots of construction vehicles guided by construction chief!
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