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Catalog entry
Fire trucks are important vehicles when it comes to firefighting and there are many available in Town theme. However, can such vehicles handle any fire extinguishing by themselves in every situation? Probably not. With the help comes fire helicopter! Extinguishing the fire with the help from air is much easier. In the following presentation from 1991 you can see a helicopter providing support for fire trucks in extinguishing the fire at the airport. 

LEGO Classic
Catalog's presentation from 1991


LEGO Classic
Fire helicopter from 1982
LEGO Classic
Fire helicopter from 1985
The beginning of the 90s introduced a new type of helicopter with the windscreen in the form of a dome. This type of glass remained to the end of the Town theme and was definitely successful. The helicopter looks neatly, it is similar to the real counterparts and the opening of the cabin is easy. Placing the pilot in his place is not a problem. Previous fire helicopters available in a standalone set was released six years earlier, in 1985. As you can see, it was much bigger, had a protruding nose, propeller of the old type and windscreen same as in cars. Propellers were less practical, because you could not use them for other purposes. The new helicopter propellers available in 1991 can have several other applications, as can be seen in alternative constructions listed below. One more helicopter was available in a standalone set, released even earlier in 1982. The helicopter was a little odd, because the cabin seems to be unnaturally extended. Probably because of the height of two joined windscreens.
LEGO Classic
Variant with panels
LEGO Classic
Variant with slopes

The helicopter's pilot is not a typical fireman. He is dressed in a plain black suit, which racing drivers can wear as well.
One curiosity can be found in this set. The picture on the packaging and on the cover of the instruction presents the helicopter having a smooth 1x2 panel bricks on the sides of the cockpit. However, within the instructions we have other bricks already, which are 1x3 slopes. More interestingly, you will find bricks for two types included in the set. Finally, it is possible to create two variants of the helicopter. Nevertheless, most of the helicopters released in the 90s had a cabin with a sloping 1x3 bricks.
Fire helicopters also appeared in some fire stations sets as eg. released couple of years later included in 6571-1: Flame-Fighters or released a year earlier included in 6389-1: Fire-Control-Center. The selection of fire helicopters is quite big.
LEGO Classic
Helicopter in action

Alternative constructions

Three proposals are available at the back of the packaging. Two airplanes and a small water jet. It is always nice to see construction of a different kind than structure from the original set.
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