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LEGO Classic: LEGO 6530 Sport Coupe
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Klasyka LEGO
Wpis w katalogu
The car available in this set is quite unusual, because of the usage of the long sloped windscreen. Few such structures could be found in Town theme. Two police cars appeared using this windscreen in LEGO-6430-1 and Lego-6625-1 sets. The vehicle of 1996 is actually exactly the same, only in a white color with black elements as befits for a police car. In addition, the wndscreen may be found in the 6389-1: Fire-Control-Center set.
Klasyka LEGO
Zestawy i samochody z wykorzystaną długą szybą

This car is present on a number of presentations, like many other small sets. This is the purpose of those vehicles to decorate various town sceneries.
Klasyka LEGO
Źródło: 1992uk.pdf Katalog 1992 UK: Strona 28 i 29: Miasto - Plaża

The car

Klasyka LEGO
Samochód z kierowcą
Windows distribution is interesting here, because virtually the entire upper deck is glazed. The driver is visible from each side. Front windshield is long, sloped and it opens up. In the middle driver has is a lot of space and there is room for luggage at the back in the form of black suitcase. This is just one of those sets where we have a woman minifigure. As mentioned in the second small sports car set, men minifigs predominate in sets of LEGO because of performed functions like firefighters or police officers. 
Klasyka LEGO
Tył pojazdu
 Probably among other things, for this reason, the designers tried to put minifigures of women wherever possible. For sure, this figure fits here. The woman with black hair in a blue striped shirt holding a black suitcase. It is simply a holiday time!
I present below the car during the unfortunate accident in Bebricton city where a woman hit a tree.
Klasyka LEGO
Wypadek w mieście Bebricton

Alternative constructions

Back of the packaging contains additional models which may be constructed with this set. Convertible, lagguage cart or racer, all of them can be seen below.
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