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Racing cars are those vehicles, which are always liked by kids. Therefore it is not strange that Lego started releasing all sorts of concepts. The most famous racer is definitely a low-profile formula, such as available in the 6395-1: Victory-Lap-Raceway set. However, dragsters began to appear as alternative ideas as well as original sets, as is the case here. Vehicles of this type are used for short-distance races on the 1/4 mile, or about 400m. They have a very fast acceleration and more important is to quickly pass the finish line than count laps at longer distances. Some dragsters have got mounted jet engines! Nevertheless, in the case of the red racer we are dealing with an ordinary engine. Unfortunatelly I did not find the original presentation with the usage of the vehicle. Perhaps this was due to an insufficient number of available vehicles of this type in the original sets in 1989. This is a specific vehicle and requires a completely different approach after all.

The Vehicle

LEGO Classic
The vehicle
Dragster from this set is very simple in design. The basic element in this type of cars are small and narrow front wheels with large and wide rear wheels. The long plate to the front wheels holds the number 4 in front of the driver's seat. The driver does not have a cabin built here, because it would be hard to build such a narrow cabin with Lego bricks. Therefore, I suspect that it was decided not to exaggerate and just build a place without cabin. The driver has got the red helmet after all, which should protect him at least from damage to the head when the unfortunate accident happens during first extreme acceleration. Besides helmet, the driver is dressed in a white overalls. The number four is also placed on the large rear spoiler of the vehicle, which is suitably bent down. The air ressistance would cause it to bent anyways with such acceleration which this racer can reach. Right behind the driver's seat is open engine with two large exhausts to emphasize the power of this vehicle.
In summary, the diversity is sometimes good. Vehicles of this type appeared in Town theme as well as in alternative proposals. You can collect a large sum and create interesting races other than counting laps with low-profile racers. Short distance races at 1/4 mile can be equally interesting.

Alternative constructions

Exactly three proposals can be found on the back of the packaging. One fairly unique and futuristic, because the air scooter floating just above the ground. The second proposal is a small racer, but with a raised rear end. The last proposal is interesting, because it looks like a tractor with a plow! One of the another proposals for farming.
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