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Catalog entry
 Medical sets were minority in Town theme. However, several vehicles appeared over the years and one of them is the small car with a trunk belonging to the lady doctor. Ambulance with a stretcher for these years can be found in a set of 6688-1: Ambulance, which was released two years earlier. While the emergency center was created in the same year included in 6380-1: Emergency-Treatment-Center. The doctor with hers little car is ready for any emergency assistance or home visit. Rescue through the air is also possible using a helicopter released in 1981 included in LEGO-6691-1 set or airplane released a year later after the vehicle described here in a set of 6356-1: Med-Star-Rescue-Plane.
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Previous vehicle
I should mention about the first vehicle of our lady doctor. Previous car in the form of a convertible was released as LEGO-6629-1 set in 1981. Clearly, we can see that the lady doctor was much younger then even through the pigtails on her head. However, with age stabilization comes. Cabriolet has been replaced for a car with roof and trunk and her hair straightened. Of course, these are my personal observations, but I feel they fit quite well in this case.
It would seem that not many of medical sets are available, but when we summarize it all, quite interesting amount of them gathers. We can say that in 1987 everything you need to effectively rescue and cure the patient was available. Maybe that was the reason to slow down development in medical area. Lego prefers to release one set of good quality, rather than five less polished. The doctor appeared in several presentations, in which she usually hastily runs towards the people in need.
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Catalog's presentation from 1987
LEGO Classic
Flyer presentation from 1988

The Vehicle

LEGO Classic
The vehicle and doctor
 Women undoubtedly ruled in small Lego sets and designers place them wherever it was possible. Lady doctor with black hair wearing a professional uniform is ready to help those in need with hers brown suitcase. The car has been designed according to the template for a small vehicle from Town theme. It is worth mentioning, that all vehicles in Town theme are similar to each other due to the use of same templates. 
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The trunk
 In this case, the car has a fairly sizable trunk on the back, which has a hinged flap openable up with the glass. In the trunk doctor carries her brown suitcase, but there is a lot of space besides that. If necessary, she can fit something else, like some medical equipment. The car bears two red cross signs on the sides, from which the name of this set actually comes. This is a standard sign for medical sets of Lego in the 80s. The function of the vehicle can be recognized from a distance and it can be seen in many other vehicles or buildings. Signs and colors are able to clearly identify what persons are responsible for who drives vehicles or works in the buildings. The car is designed for emergency assistance or home visit carried out by lady doctor. In the case of an accident the medical assistance can be invaluable. Ambulance will not always be able to deal with the situation alone.
LEGO Classic
Catalog's presentation from 1988

I present the rescue action with an ambulance after accident during the construction of the police precinct at the port. You can see the full gallery here.

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Alternative proposals

The back of the packaging unveils us at least a few alternative proposals for each set of Town theme released in the 80s. Not only the vehicles have been proposed here, but also a medical device, which resembles a tomograph. A similar proposal was also included in an ambulance set, where alternatively you can build a 6688-2: Operating-Room.
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