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Catalog entry
 Water ships were available in Town theme for a long time. At the beginning, they were, however, mostly small motorboats, floating ships or large boats like 6353-1: Coastal-Cutter. In 1990 the first unusual small watercraft in the form of a hovercraft was released included in 6508-1: Wave-Racer set. Next hovercraft included in 6513-1: Glade-Runner set was released in 1993. However, the first water jet resembling a real one was created in this set.
LEGO Classic
LEGO 6334 Wave Jump Racers
Blue and white scooter decorated by stars along with two buoys has been released in a single set. But it was only a foretaste and an incentive to a larger set, which was the 6334-1: Wave-Jump-Racers. A small marina, yellow jeep and two additional jet skis with numbers 5 and 8 are in this set. There is no denying that the blue and white scooter with number 3 fits to such water competition. You can see the raging water scooters jumping in the heavens and overturning all encountered buoys on the water in the following presentation. Sorry for the slight sarcasm, but it is sad to watch when presentations in Town theme becomes gradually more and more preposterous from year to year. 1996 was already in the epicenter.
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Source: Brickset.com 1996eu.pdf Catalogue 1996 EU: Page 4 and 5: Town


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 Unfortunately, LEGO eventually began to limit the number of bricks in sets and creating more and more new bigger pieces. This can be seen in this set of 1996, which was practically the end of the Town theme. The set contains 29 bricks only, of which 8 pieces have been used to create two additional red and green buoys. Scooter has been designed out of 14 bricks really. It is very low, even compared to previous designs as 6508-1: Wave-Racer, where it 37 bricks were available.
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The driver
The reason of such small amount is creation of new bigger elements like the front of the scooter, which is one big part with printing of number 3. Small oddity can be noticed here, because the number 3 is printed, 
LEGO Classic
The driver
 but blue stars at both sides are stickers already. While the red stars at the front are printed on a 2x3 sloped brick. 
The driver has a red suit and a special blue helmet with next group of stars. I dare to say that the amount of stars is greater than the amount of bricks in this case. Nevertheless, whole set looks pretty cool and resembles the real water scooters, which can be seen on many beaches.
At the end I present you water scooter driver raging on waters near the beach at the .
LEGO Classic
Bebricton - Paradise

Alternative constructions

Despite the small amount of bricks, designers were not wasting time and proposed three alternative designs. The most interesting is the sailboat, because it is always something new.
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