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Catalog entry
When you look at the construction sets available in Town theme you can find quite a lot vehicles with a bucket. Loaders are not the only construction vehicles, but even ordinary tractors have buckets mounted like one included in 6504-1: Tractor.
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Previous loaders
Many excavator also has the bucket at the front. However, this set is something new when it comes to the loader, because the vehicle has a windscreen and lighting installed, which gives it the ability to easily move around the city. Two small loaders appeared in Town theme in the early 80s, which can be compared to the vehicle being reviewed here. Both lacked either the cabin, windshield or light. They were intended for use on the construction site only. Movement through the city should not be advised, I think. Nevertheless they fulfill its function and resembled as a massive tractors with a bucket. Loader available in 6630-1: Bucket-Loader set had quite rare arm which hold the bucket, because in red color. The second loader in 6603-1: Shovel-Truck set is more common. Unfortunately I haven't found any presentation in the original catalog where new loader would be present, but you can find it in many building processes at Clabrisic. I present one of the building process of the fire station below. Full gallery is available here.
LEGO Classic
During fire station construction

The Loader

LEGO Classic
The loader
The small four-wheel loader with a small bucket has been available to us in this set. This is the first small loader on thick and wide wheels, which were introduced a year earlier. The bucket used here is a smaller version. Larger is also available and has been used in 6658-1: Bulldozer set for example. Windshield opens to the rear along with the railing giving easy access to the operator's seat. It is worth noting that the worker does not have a steering wheel, only the two levers to drive the vehicle and operate the bucket. The proposal is quite unique by using the oblique windshield, which we can only find in one aircraft and mainly in Space theme. Undoubtedly, it makes this vehicle kind of unique. Front land rear lights are mounted at the top of the windshield. The operator is wearing a red worker's apron, but this time there is no construction helmet, instead there are ordinary black hair. This vehicle can be used for other purposes, not just at construction site and probably because of that the helmet is not included here. Help when loading goods into the warehouse can be as good job for the operator. Vehicle brilliantly works in collaboration with a mini dumper from 6507-1: Mini-Dumper set, as the container is of similar size as the bucket and the height is appropriate.
In summary, there is nothing new in terms of functionality here, but the appearance and the use of the oblique window is a different approach making this vehicle interesting. Lots of loaders can be found in Town theme and the construction site will certainly not lack of them. However, it is worth remembering that after all, this vehicle can be used in other places than just at the construction site. 

Alternative constructions

Designers never disappointed us and each set in Town theme no matter how many bricks was included, had at least three alternative proposals. An interesting project was proposed in form of the race car, where an oblique window was used as the hood of the car and bucket was used as the spoiler.
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