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Klasyka LEGO
Catalog entry
Racing in the mud, or lets say on the sandy surface is one of the less common sports. Nevertheless, that did not stop LEGO designers from trying and releasing the vehicle designed for it. Mud runner is a small vehicle with a strong suspension to be able to withstand the sandy areas. On the other hand, you can say that this is a promotional set. Small LEGO sets with a car are always selling well, as everyone could afford it and a kid's joy was worth every penny. The idea of ​​racing in the mud was not continued though. No further vehicles or buildings were released in that area. The closest buddy for blue driver was a sand racer from 6528-1: Sand-Storm-Racer set.
Scooters can be seen in the presentation of the race on the sand below, where other vehicles are present also. Although the flying truck looks a bit odd in a mud race, the vehicle from this set fits here very well along with his counterpart from 6528-1: Sand-Storm-Racer set.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1991uk.pdf Catalogue 1991 UK: Page 24 and 25: Town

The Vehicle

Klasyka LEGO
The vehicle
 The vehicle available in this set has a fairly specific design. Special brick was used here to create a frames on both sides of the car. The brick is quite rare in town sets, car sets in particular. A more common use of this brick can be found in sets with horses as a basis for a carriage, and most horses can be found in Castle or Paradisa sets. In this case, it pretty good complements the vehicle giving it a motorcross character. Large tires at the rear, small tires at the front makes it easier to move across bumpy terrain. The sprungs are not present at the rear in this case, as it was done in a similar design from Lego-6534-1 set. In addition, the car has a small movable red spoiler. The driver dressed in blue outfit has a helmet also, which should effectively protect him from flying mud or sand.
I present the mud racer in the Mud-Racing scenery, to which vehicle from this set has inspired me.
Klasyka LEGO
Bebricton - Mud Racing

Alternative constructions

Small sets usually have three alternative proposals and the same is here. All of them are other versions of racing or off-road vehicles.
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