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Number of construction vehicles in Town theme was pretty big already until 1989. However, all previous dumpers were large, such as a set of 6652-1: Construction-Truck.
LEGO Classic
Tipper Truck
No small vehicle in form of a dumper was available, which could export small things or to reach the less accessible places. The mini dumper designed in this set was for construction purposes only, because it has neither lights nor cabin. Nevertheless, a second tipper was released in Lego-6527-1 set in the same year with a small container, but with a cabin for driver this time. When there is a need to transport anything through the city or even further away, it would be better to use the tipper truck with a container for this purpose than a mini dumper intended for construction site.

The dumper

LEGO Classic
The dumper and driver
 This set offers us a small four-wheeled vehicle with a liftable container. Small dumper has a rather unusual set of wheels, which is more common in Space series. I must say that moving this vehicle is a bit hard compared to other cars. Use of little force is required to put the wheels in rotation. They make a slight resistance when you try to move. Perhaps you can get used to it, but it is much easier to move ordinary wheel rims. You can notice that the operators of construction vehicles from the 80s like tippers are dressed in blue apron. In contrast, diggers and loaders have workers with red aprons. The operator have a lever at the left side of his chair, which is used to lift the container. This is an interesting detail, and thanks to such things realization of the construction's presentation is much more interesting and fun with vehicle itself is always greater.
In summary, a mini dumper will be certainly useful for more than one construction site. Some small things will also need to be exported in the end. Cooperation is best with vehicle from 6512-1: Landscape-Loader set, as the container is in size similar to the bucket of the loader.You can see the worker in action during the construction of the fire station in the following presentation. The entire gallery is located here.
LEGO Classic
During fire station construction

Alternative constructions

Whether it's small or large set even if you have only 30 bricks, the designers have prepared at least three proposals at the back of the packaging. In this case, the first available version of the proposal is another dumper, but this time with a container at the back. The second proposal is a small quad. While the third is a small point of vulcanization.
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