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LEGO Classic
Catalog entry
The most famous race car design pattern has been used here. Exactly the same as can be found in the largest set of racing - 6395-1: Victory-Lap-Raceway. This is really the only racer in the stand-alone set that fits this race track. A smaller version of the finish line available in a set of 6381-1: Motor-Speedway has similar race cars, but the spoiler at the back is different. If you want to have exactly the same car as included in the 6395-1: Victory-Lap-Raceway, you have to construct them yourself or reach for this set.
LEGO Classic
Limited set
Although LEGO-1517-1 set features a black racer with number four using the same pattern, it was limited edition and not available to everyone.

The car promotes oil company Shell, as in the 80s it was quite normal in each set associated with the fuel. Similar situation was with the grandstands of the racetrack's finish line. The color of the car are subordinated to the Shell logo. White on top with a red-yellow chassis. Both side panels on the spoiler have a Shell inscription and Shell logo is present in the middle of the spoiler. The driver for the contrast is in a blue suit with a white helmet. It is noteworthy that driver has already a new type of helmet. Drivers had helmets of an old type in smaller version of finish line available in 6381-1: Motor-Speedway set.

Why most made famous pattern? For two reasons, the first is the usage of it in the most playable and one of the largest sets - 6395-1: Victory-Lap-Raceway. There are four racers designed using the same pattern. However, the most famous is from one of the most interesting presentations available in 80s catalog shown below, where it was placed at the primary spot.

LEGO Classic
Flyer's presentation from 1989
It is interesting that the same presentation differs on the flyer and in the catalog. The difference can be seen without a problem when you look at both presentations side by side.
LEGO Classic
Source: Brickset.com 1989uk4.pdf Catalogue 1989 UK IV: Page 14 and 15: Town

If you like to see more, check out my reconstruction of this presentation in the Scenes-GPrexCircuit scenery.
LEGO Classic
G-Prex Circuit

Alternative constructions

Three proposals have been presented on the back side of the packaging. A second version of the racer and two go-karts.
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