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Catalog entry
 1992 year was definitely a surprise for all who liked Lego bricks. Five fresh sets in new Paradisa subtheme were released in that year. These sets were characterized by pink elements, but in a very subdued form. Buildings and vehicles were designed according to the white and gray scheme, where white was the lead color and gray complemented it. Pink elements was decorative giving each building unique tone. Designers very well selected the shade of pink, because it was very pale, which was not so pushy. It very nicely composed with the rest of the bricks thus creating something completely new - a paradise. This is what new subtheme was presenting, which name derives from the word paradise also. Please note that subtheme was called Paradisa not paradise. It can be easily overlooked.
The villa from the reviewed set here can be seen in full glory in the picture below.
LEGO Classic
At first glance, it can be stated that these sets were designed for girls - because in the end they are pink! I suspect that this is true, because Lego designers probably wanted to create something for the girls this time. The boys have already had many options. Town, Castle, Space or Pirates sets were snapped by boys without thinking, but not necessarily by the girls. However, the sets from Paradisa were so ingeniously designed that aroused interest not only by girls. Pink color used in buildings was so pale and rare, that it was not so repulsive. Personally, I can say on my example, because I do not like pink badly, but I think that Paradisa sets were brilliant and very well composed. The difference can be seen in later subthemes as Belville or Friends, which were persistently pink and definitely designed only for girls. I'll say more about them later in this article.
In the picture below you can see how relatively small amount of pink bricks is present comparing to gray or white.
LEGO Classic
Bricks in bags
The second thing which characterizes all new Paradisa sets were light green baseplates, which completely does not fit next to the usual green available in normal Town theme or Castle. Light green plates have been used only in this subtheme and I think that it fits here perfectly with beach atmosphere.
Paradisa is truly a milk and honey flowing land. Beach, fun, luxury, pools, drinks, swimming, relaxation and fun again. Five sets released in the 1992 were enough to create such a beach. A stable with horses, coastal bar, a villa with a swimming pool. All of this can be seen in the following presentation, where the climate of the beach was very nicely introduced.
LEGO Classic
Source: Brickset.com 1992uk.pdf Catalogue 1992 UK: Page 24 and 25: Paradisa


LEGO Classic
Bricks in bags
The above image is not originally packaged version. I've sorted and inserted bricks into several original perforated bags, which I have. The effect is much more interesting. More images of the packaging can be seen here. Packaging is less subdued however, because it is almost completely pink! It's definitely encouraged girls more. Pale pink color was used here as well. This was the average size of the set, and thus had a front flap. An ingenious solution, about which I always mention at every opportunity. As a kid I really liked the flap and I miss it in the new sets. I still do not understand why it was abandoned. The interior of the packaging could be seen after transparent foil behind the front flap. Transparent plate with engraved slots for the most interesting elements along with the figures was located for presentation purposes. I do not possess it unfortunately.
In addition, the inner side of the flap had a few pictures of the building and figures in action. Couple of alternative proposals could be found at the back of the packaging, which can be constructed using bricks from this set. It was typical for that period. There were no instructions for them, so the kid could have a very creative fun with it. The packaging is thicker a few centimeters compared to the equivalent of 6349-1: Holiday-Villa set. This is due to the height of the three-dimensional base plate.

The building

The villa stands on a bright three-dimensional green plate with a gray driveway, which is not any standard driveway. The road is smooth, of course, but white lines suggest us clearly that this is the way arranged with different sizes of cobblestones.
LEGO Classic
The pool
The second characteristic of the structure immediately visible at the front is a small swimming pool with a small board to jump. Next to it is a sunbed with an umbrella and a table as a place to rest after swimming. The first element of a pink color is the umbrella which has a pink triangles alternating with white ones. The entire structure of the villa is quite unique. Semi-spherical glass in the small and large version have been used here. That's not all, because at the left side of the building large rounded pink stairs have been placed.
LEGO Classic
The parrot
On the ground floor behind the glass red parrot has its own place to live at beam mounted high enough so the bird could be visible. While at the second floor a spectacular room with high windows, a table and two rotatable pink chairs is located.
LEGO Classic
The second floor
Semicircular windows high at 10 studs on second floor presents great and people inside have a very interesting view. This is a design similar to the restaurant from 6376-1: Breezeway-Cafe set, but how completely different at the same time. You can go on the second floor through stairs located outside, which is quite interesting. It is worth noting that virtually no building has stairs to the second floor in Town theme.
LEGO Classic
The stairs to second floor
This design feature is probably due to optimization, as the stairs would took up too much space. But it was not a problem, because such a concept was accepted very well in buildings from Lego sets. This time, however, stairs are present and not just any stairs. On the opposite side of the entrance to the second floor is a small balcony with flowers and pink barriers.
LEGO Classic
Entry doors
Kitchen is located at the ground floor, to which you can enter through a white glazed side doors on the right side just below the balcony. They are not visible when viewing the building from the front, because it hids behind the wall.
The kitchen may not be suitable for cooking dishes, but to heat it up should not be a problem.
LEGO Classic
The kitchen
You can find here a double drawer, cabinet, pan, coffee maker and a pink funnel for drinks. Two pink mugs are available, and two transparent glasses. On the second floor, however, a squared table with rounded legs and two pink swivel chairs is located. A person can not sit on a slant because there is not enough space, but it is possible to rotate toward window or toward the person sitting on the other side of the table. On the table there is one flower and that's it.
LEGO Classic
The room inside
The designers have already accustomed kids and fans already at that time to pragmatic interiors. It is always just what you need without unnecessary decorations.
It is worth to mention one more thing - a hidden compartment under the kitchen. I suspect that this groove was prepared for another purpose. Lego designers tried to create as little new elements as possible. The plates were designed so they could be used in several sets for different purposes. This baseplate, however, was used in this set only. Nevertheless, I think that the idea was different, but there was no opportunity to do this.
Anyway, the villa has an additional hidden storage under the gray plate, which is admittedly built with gray plate, which can't be raised up without dismantling the building. It is an interesting option though. On the outside, the building is adorned with a large palm tree and a number of yellow and red flowers. The pattern for the design of the buildings in Town theme was preserved here. The mailbox is located at the entrance! It is worth noting that it is white box and it is rather rare. Each mailbox in Town theme is yellow. The only thing missing is a trash bin. Maybe this is the luxury villa, but the garbage have to get rid off somewhere.

The vehicle

LEGO Classic
 This set is full of unique elements. The base plate, semicircular windows, semicircular pink stairs or white mailbox. However, this is not the end! Even a small black vehicle has quite an unique element, which is sloped black front fender. This is the same component that was used in a sport coupe from 6530-1: Sport-Coupe set, but in the yellow color. The same fender in red color also appeared in couple of fire fighters vehicles, like in a set of 6571-1: Flame-Fighters. Fender in black color, however, was only in the one set! The villa owner's vehicle is a small black convertible with gray-pink strips just below the door. Boat type windshield was used here, so the vehicle looks much smaller. Nevertheless, the use of ordinary windshield with an sloped fender would be bad move and would look at least strange.


LEGO Classic
The steward
 The villa is occupied by four people. In order to emphasize the luxury of this villa, it has its own personal steward. Three people are resting in the villa. This is a couple with a child - a little freckled girl. It is worth noting that the clothes of people are also unique and specific for Paradisa theme.
LEGO Classic
The family
 Faces of women and men almost always have some kind of decoration. Women usually have red-painted lips and painted eyebrows. The men have a mustache or glasses. While children can be recognized by simple face with freckles just above the mouth. Small legs have not been created back in '92 yet, so all figures had legs with the same length. Designers, however, had face decoration to pass additional information. The clothes are pink, have a picture of a palm tree or yellow shoulders. All this was rarely or never found in common Town theme. It also strongly proves the uniqueness of the Paradisa sub-theme.


I owned this set when I was a kid, so I have some sentiment to it. Nevertheless, I believe that it is in its own way unique and interesting. It is partially similar to the 6349-1: Holiday-Villa set, where an analogous villa is available in a less luxurious version. The similarity, however, can be seen. On the other hand, it is also somewhat similar to the restaurant 6376-1: Breezeway-Cafe. I may even be tempted to say that this is a kind of combination of these two sets in the new paradise form.
The villa presents very good, but only in the proper beach setting alongside with other sets of Paradisa. I do not think, that it would match in the normal town scenery next to the fire station or police base. Paradisa sub-theme forces, however, a specific type of environment mainly because of its colors and decorations like palms. Ordinary streetplates do not fit to this set as well.

What next?

Unfortunately, the splendor of the Paradisa sub-theme have not lasted too long. In the following years 1993 and 1994 four sets were released in the same pattern. Those were toilets, stand with ice cream or playgrounds. Sets were constructed in the same way, using a small amount of pale pink elements.
In 1995 the designers have already began changing the style. LEGO-6414-1 lighthouse was quite interesting, except the red boat which do not really matched the Paradisa style. Purple elements has began to appear, eg. in a set of LEGO-1815-1. New sets from 1996 was no longer in good old Paradisa style, it was something else already. Purple elements has began to appear more often as shown on the picture below.
LEGO Classic
Sets from 1996 year
It is true that a stable with a restaurant is still in Paradisa style, but you can find a lot of pink elements, more than usual. New sets from 1997 were very pink comparing to the old style from '92 and it was the last year of Paradisa sub-theme. New theme named Belville started in 1994 have took over. It was a theme designed specifically for girls.
LEGO Classic
Belville - Paradisa successor from 1994
Purple and pink was dominant color here. New figures were specially designed for girls. This theme continued up to 2008. The successor of Belville was Friends theme launched in 2012 and available to this day (2016-09), which is also very purple-pink and designed specially for girls.
LEGO Classic
Lego Friends from 2012 year
At the end, I present the scenery of Paradisa sub-theme from 1995 year, where a lighthouse is visible in the foreground and the villa with the beach in the background. You can see how much the approach of designers has changed in 20 years compared to the new Friends theme.
LEGO Classic
Source: Brickset.com 1995eu.pdf Catalogue 1995 EU: Page 2 and 3: Paradisa

Alternative constructions

LEGO Classic
Alternative restaurant
 Alternative ideas produced by creative Lego designers could not be missing here. There are as many as five proposals. For starters, you can see two restaurants on the inside of the front flap. The first is with swimming pool, and the other has a dance floor. Another three proposals packaging's back are also restaurants. The steward figure and kitchen accessories like a funnel, cup or pan took the lead here and most of the proposals are simply restaurants.

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