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LEGO Classic: LEGO 6394-3 Containers storage zone LEGO Classic: LEGO 6394-3 Containers storage zone
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Klasyka LEGO
Storage area
No set was available in the 90s with building, which would provide services for containers storage. Storage building from 6391-1: Cargo-Center set is close to that function. However, this set was released in 1981 and mostly 2x4 bricks were stored there. It was not adapted to store 8x4 containers, which began appearing in the late 80s.
Transport sets yes, many of them were released. The famous port 6541-1: Intercoastal-Seaport or 6542-1: Launch-Load-Seaport has many such containers, as well as mobile crane from 6361-1: Mobile-Crane or 6352-1: Cargomaster-Crane. Many sets from trains theme also had containers, such as the loading zone of the 7823-1: Container-Crane-Depot.
Therefore, I decided to create own building, where 8x4 containers can be stored. In the end, a truck from the port have to export them somewhere, is it not?
The metro park set has a lot of bricks that can be used in such storage zone creation. I have followed that idea and I was able to create what you see here.
All structures are built entirely of bricks from the 6394 set, which made me a little limited with moving parts. However, everything can be done when you have such universal Lego bricks to your disposal. Everyone who has a 6394 set can build structures presented here to be able to put containers storage zone in own Lego town :)

General information

Klasyka LEGO
Container positions
Storeys storage zone has 6 positions and three in the waiting area. Small blue car belongs to the manager, who goes everywhere with his yellow notebook. Office is near the waiting area, which employs one woman. Her's resposibility is to take new orders for storage of containers.
Klasyka LEGO
The other vehicle that is available in this altfernative proposal is a transporter. It has the ability to carry the container and usually deals with transporting them from the waiting area to storage zone when one of 6 positions become available. Set itself does not have any container, as there are no suitable bricks to build one in original set.
Klasyka LEGO
The locker
However, it should not be a problem, because at the beginning of the 90s a number of 8x4 containers could be found in various sets. Small locker is available at the entrance, where couple of needed tools are stored.

The lift

Klasyka LEGO
The lift
The lift in addition to raising container has two additional mechanisms. The possibility of moving left and right to change the position, which makes it possible to put container in two places on one floor. The second mechanism is lowering. I puzzled with this for a  moment, as I had do it with the bricks available is this set only and there are not many of movable, rotatable or smooth bricks here. As you can see, it is possible. Although, the lowering will not do the whole trick, you need to help the container to get inside. The biggest problem with this is the lack of smooth bricks. Most of them I used to build movable mechanisms by which little has left to place under container's positions. At the bottom of the elevator is a place for the operator, who operates on the raised platform in order to see better what's going on. The crane from a 6352-1: Cargomaster-Crane set can help with loading containers from the vehicle on a lift, and vice versa.

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