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This is the first set I ordered directly from overseas. My copy of this set comes from Australia and was only sold in North america, Australia, and also Germany. This is, for me, one of the most originals sets of the Classic Town era. It is a very unusual type of buildings, a Cargo Center, it can be considered as an industrial building, one of the very few of the Town, and even actual City line. We can notice that a year later, a similar set was released: 6377 Delivery Center that includes a airplane and a small building, it coincides with the release of the first Lego Town Airport.

LEGO Classic
1984 USA catalog
We can see the Delivery Center in 1984 USA catalogue along with great sets of the era. We can say that the sets aren't valorized as it should be with a proper layout. There is another appearance of this set in 1985 USA catalogue, but it even is more hidden.

The building has a garage, two cargo bays and two offices. The building color scheme doesn't corresponds with any of the eras's cargo vehicles, exept maybe 6367 truck. The building is surelevated, with 2x2 round bricks, to be at the unloading level for trucks, so it makes trucks unloading faster. The left baseplate, that is very rare, because of it is in only two sets, that are North America exclusive sets, this one and 1981 6383 Public Works Center. This baseplate is also the only one to have the two "garages" on the left side.
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The whole Set
On this baseplate are a cargo bay, and a garage for the truck, with some accesories on a pillar. In the first floor is a small office with a yellow door, unique to this set because of yellow, but also because of its left opening side. This set contains two of them. On the waregouse roof, there is the Cargo company's logo, and on the office is an expensive gray antenna.


In this set, there are three vehicles : a truck, an helicopter and a forklift.

The truck is simple and contains not so much pieces (less than I expected), but it looks right, maybe some details could have been added but it is correct. Its size is rather small, it can hold properly one pallet and a second but it will overhang on the rear of the truck.

The helicopter has a usual design for this era, for example 6384 Police Station's helicopter or 6685 Fire Helicopter has the same cockpit design. These are nice helicopters models, more than with the 1988 helicopter cockpit piece (like in 6357) that, for me spoils the models and make too light helicopters. This helicopter is made to transport express mails, it has two containers on its sides and contains four enveloppes. The color scheme is the same white and red as for the truck.

LEGO Classic
Forklift is a very simple vehicle, without roof. It looks a bit strange without roof, but it is usual for the era. It has big forks, with 4x4, and usual forklifts has only a 2x2 fork at this time. It can holt one of the 4x4 pallets of the set.
LEGO Classic
Truck and forklift

A small scenery will come. A day... :)

I think that this is a very good set, with a very nice building. Vehicles are a bit light, espicially the truck and the forklift, but helicopter is very nice, and without the not-so-good cockpit metapiece. This set has very rare parts in it, like the yellow doors, that opens in another way than usual ones, the blue phone and the expensive gray rattle antenna. I had to order my copy from Australia, so it made a very long way to France, and expensive shipping costs. It was expensive, but I'm happy with it. It costed me the price of an actual Modular Building, with 1/4 of its piece number...

2016, may 24 11:37 (99 months, 1 day ago) by Evans
2016, jun 27 11:41 (97 months, 27 days ago) by Evans
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