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LEGO Classic
Catalog entry
 This is the third consecutive fire department building in LEGO Town theme period. Firefighters trucks, airplanes and helicopters can be found in many sets from 80s or 90s. The same goes for buildings. There are four buildings in the same style as this one here. This is undoubtedly a greater number compared even to medical services, where there is only one hospital and several smaller sets. Nevertheless, each set is unique in its own way and nothing repeats itself. Every set has other vehicles and every building is different. The structures of this set appears quite often on presentations in catalogs from the early 90s. These are airport scenes mostly next to a brilliant set of 6396-1: International-Jetport. Below you can see one of them during sunset.

LEGO Classic
Catalog's presentation from 1990


LEGO Classic
 Building available in this set has two garages. The first garage, from the left side is lower, its height is 6 bricks. It has a sectional door. This is the place for a firefighter's scout all-terrain vehicle. The second garage on the right is higher by one step and measures the height of 7 bricks. It is a place for a fire truck. In the middle, however, between the garages is a driveway available under the building. You can join the road through the back side and make passage under the fire department.
LEGO Classic
 On the roof of the left garage there is a landing place for firefighter's helicopter adapted for 1x6 skids with spacing of 6 studs. This is actually the standard size and spacing of the helicopter skids in the Lego Classic period. 90% of the available helicopters in Lego Classic period can land on this landing site. The roof of the garage on the right side has a relatively wide window (6x6), and a satellite dish for communication.
LEGO Classic
 In the middle of the building, on the first floor just above the driveway is the command center. There is room for one firefighter operator, who has two computers to control the rescue operation. The room is practically whole  glazed, so the fireman has a view on what is happening around the fire control center. The operator has a coffee maker inside the room, in order to be fully ready and energized! On the roof of the room is a firefighters sign, where there are two axes with fireman's helmet. In addition, there is an extra antenna, so the communication with the ground troops and aircraft can proceed without a problem. Yet one more thing is on the roof of the command center and this is a megaphone. The operator can communicate quickly with the units on site using just a megaphone.
LEGO Classic
 In the building you can find several accessories such as a shovel and an ax left on the ground floor railing, shortwave transmitter on the left side of the crossing, airtank hanging in the garage and a handy fire extinguisher mounted on the right side of the crossing. All the things that a firefighter needs in his work.

LEGO Classic
 Four figures are available in this set. All have the same firefighters suit.
Depending on their function, they have different coverage on head:
Operator - a firefighter responsible for communication between the command center and other firefighters has black hair and a fireman's uniform.
The driver of the jeep - like the operator, this firefighter has black hair
The driver of a fire engine - a fireman dressed in overalls and a firefighter's helmet.
The helicopter pilot - each pilot has a helmet and in this case could not be otherwise. He is dressed in firefighters overalls.

The firefighters building was placed pretty frequently in the catalogs and flyers presentations at the beginning of the 90s. Two pictures below proves that.
LEGO Classic
Catalog's presentation from 1991
LEGO Classic
Catalog's presentation from 1991


There are two vehicles and one helicopter available in this set.

LEGO Classic
- the first all-terrain vehicle is a car that can be also commonly called a jeep. The vehicle has one of the hardest sets of wheels, unfortunately. Wheels thick and rounded at the edges, more common in the Space series . However, there is no problem in wheels, but in its axles. In order to move the vehicle you need to lightly push it to the ground. Movement is not as smooth as with other sets of wheels available in the Lego Classic period. The car has a rolled hose at the trunk. His role is more reconnaissance and auxiliary. As the vehicle is off-road and small, firefighter in this vehicle can reach where a fire truck can't. Orientation in area is important during the rescue operation. As it has one hose and a small water tank, firefighter will not do much when confronted with serious fire.

LEGO Classic
Fire truck
 Fire truck
- one of the most interesting vehicles available in the Lego Classic period. First, the windshield is not standard for trucks, it is long and open upwards. The vehicle is medium length, but big enough to hold a huge tank with water. On the right side of the vehicle (front view) there is a compartment with wide doors, which hides a hose on the roll to extinguish fires. Easier access to the hose is provided by additional flap, that opens up. Roll with a hose is located on rotating pad in direction to the door. Therefore, there is no problem with accessing the hose, because roll can be rotated and doors with roof can be opened.
On the left side of the vehicle there is another locker, smaller though. There is a place for airtank. Definitely it may be useful during the heavier action.
That's not all, because at the very top of the cabin there is a large cannon located, which can be rotated in 360 degress. It can be raised 90 degrees upwards. With such a turnable cannon firefighter can shoot at any target and he don't need to park the truck in special way.

LEGO Classic
 Firefighter's helicopter - It is small and does not have a large water tank. It has two hoses on both sides. It is made using new design with a windshield on the model of the dome. It seems to be nothing special for a set of early 90s. In the 80s you could still find helicopters with the windshield used mainly in cars and airplanes, until the late 80s began to use the dome and this pattern definitely caught on to the very end of the Lego Classic period. The helicopter has a place for the pilot and it's actually everything, there is no extra compartments, lockers or places for passengers. Helicopter distinguish by one thing - skids. This time they are not mounted on semi-circular axes, but using ordinary flat bricks. The helicopter gives an impression of very lowered, thanks to this mounting.
The helicopter as an auxiliary force from air can prove very useful, because a fire truck will not reach everywhere.

Alternative constructions

LEGO Classic
 This set obviously has several alternative proposals available on the packaging's back and inside the packaging. They are a bit scattered, but I will try to create and describe them all in the proper time. One of them definitely deserves recognition. The adjacent building with an interesting proposition of fire truck on spherical tires. This vehicle is quite unique and ingenious. It is not easy to reconstruct, but I managed to do it with a little improvising, as presented below in the related alternative. 

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