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LEGO Classic: LEGO 6388 Holiday Home with Campervan
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Catalog entry
 Holiday houses appeared in various forms in Town theme. The majority of them have a yellow, blue or red sloping roof. However, in this set apart from the little house with a big yellow roof, there are two vehicles and a boat. It seems that the best location for this construction is a forest with a beach nearby. An interesting combination on holiday trip for two couples. Unfortunately, I have not found any presentation in the original Lego catalog, where this set would have been even half visible. Therefore, I present a holiday home in location, which seems to me to be the best for it. Surrounded by trees, in the middle of the forest, but still near the lake.
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In the middle of the forest, near the lake

LEGO Classic
Inside the house
 Inside the house you can find some useful accessories to prepare food. Stove with pot and pan, two cupboards and coffee express are available. Cottage oddly does not have beds, but apparently that was the plan to create a small house only for occasional parties. 
LEGO Classic
The house from outside
 Near the house is a large fireplace for grilling under a roof. Outside is a large table with four seats. The designers have not forgotten the standard facilities of each house such as a trashcan. In addition, there is a broom and shovel. Two couples of vacationist are available in this set. As the balance in nature must be, there are two figures of men and two women.


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Red car ant bike
 Two vehicles were included in this set. One is a small red car in a standard style corresponding to Lego Town theme. However, it is still unique, because it has a perpendicular rear window.
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 The second vehicle is definitely interesting and unique - campervan. The van has no doors, but the drivers cabin easily opens up with the windscreen. The other cool thing is the way of opening the trailer. The entire side wall is hinged and can be opened together with the roof. Access to the interior is very easy. Inside there is a table with one seat. Just behind the table there is probably a funnel for beverages and one glass mug on the table. In addition, on the rear of the van a bicycle is mounted, what is an interesting solution too. 
LEGO Classic
Campervan inside
But this is not all, because the car pulls trailer with a boat. It is an ordinary motorboat designed in a standard style appropriate to the Lego Classic period. The red color is specific here, as in other sets usually you can find a blue or white motorboat. Definitely you can see that the designers tried to make a vehicle in each set the most differing in spite of using the same schemes. Schematics was certainly a very good idea, because all sets can be joined together without problem for creation of whole city or other scenes. I present the use of a holiday home in the Torm Beach scenery, which is a holiday complex with several cottages and a closed water tank.
LEGO Classic
Torm Beach

Alternative constructions

Interesting proposals on the back of the packaging could not miss here. In this case, the proposals are scattered. Large two alternative homes, medium-sized proposals as a car with a camping trailer and a small suggestions like a grill or table with glasses. Looking at the packaging is hard to guess what can be done with what. In time, all these proposals will appear on Brick World and then I will explain exactly what structures visible on the packaging can be linked together.
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