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LEGO Classic: LEGO 6384 Police Station
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This is my first Classic Town Police Station, and it is a very original one, with good colors. It has a simple design, but an interesting shape. It also has one of these expensive Grey antennas that looks very great, it's a shame that Lego didn't expanded its uses. The previous police Station released was LEGO-381 in 1979, it was the first of the modern minifig era.
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Source: Brickset.com 1984us2.pdf Catalogue 1984 US II: Page 12 and 13
This set contains four minifigures: a policemen with costume, two policemen with motorcycle suit and a red shirt policeman, who is helping the helicopter to land.

LEGO Classic
The back of the building with vehicles and minifigures
Building The building is composed of 3 parts:
- The garage, with a blue roller door and a TrBlue canopy, a very odd color for a glass in Classic Town theme, to park the car
- A shelter beetween the building and the garage, to park another the motorbike or another car like 6623 car or 6684 van
- At the ground floor there is the jail with a bed (for an hypothetical robber that will arrive ten years later), and a computer. In the first floor, there is a desk with a red telephone on it, a chair and computers. On the roof, there are lights to illuminate the landing pad, and the rake antenna with its base.
On the baseplate, there is a ''Police'' sign (there are two variations: one with serif, one without) and two flowers

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Vehicles - General view
This set contains three vehicles: a helicopter, a car and a motorbike.
The heilcopter has a very good design, it reminds me 6685 Fire Helicopter It's entirely brickbuilt, not any metapiece, I really like it. I'm just missing a sticker.
Police car has the same simple design as 6623 one, apart a black addition on front and on back with a antenna. It can be considered as the chief's car.
Motorbike is very simple, and has a good color: grey. Its design is almost the same as 6684 one, apart the 1x2 jumper is a 1x2 plate. It's a good addition to this set.

Alternative constructions
On the back of the box, there are very good alternate models, like a garage, another police station, a landing pad on sea, a boat and a plane that looks very odd.
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