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Klasyka LEGO
Catalog entry
 Public opinion polls repeatedly have shown that the profession of firefighters is valued and respected by society. Rescue in tragic situation, where a fire destroys someones belongings is invaluable. Firefighters are always well trained and willing to help, which is why it is hard to tell a bad word on them. Could it make a difference in sets released by Lego? It is worth noting that fire fighting sets are the most numerous compared to other public services like police, medical sets or coastguard. Four fire station buildings are available in Town theme, where the first was released in 1981 and it is the set reviewed here. Next building has similar structure and vehicles. It was released four years later in a set of 6385-1: Fire-House
Klasyka LEGO
All other fire stations in Town theme
 At the beginning of the 90s a lot of new structures were released and new building for firefighters also came in included in 6389-1: Fire-Control-Center, which already contained a helicopter and helipad in addition to fire truck. The last fire brigade building was released in 1994, included in 6571-1: Flame-Fighters. It was distinguished by its height, which at the end of Town theme was also present in other buildings such as the police station in 6398-1: Central-Precinct-HQ set. In addition, it is worth mentioning that 24 firefighter sets were available in Town theme, not including the Juniorised series. This number surpasses even the sets of police, which were also a lot. You can find the fire station reviewed in this set in lots of presentations from 1981 to 1985. It was used almost at every town scenery.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1981uk.pdf Catalogue 1981 UK: Page 10 and 11
A year later, the firefighters building may not have been in the foreground, but clearly it can be seen behind the hill.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1982eu2.pdf Catalogue 1982 EU II: Page 4 and 5

The building

Klasyka LEGO
 Four employees operates the building and fire vehicles. It is worth noting that in 1981 the firemen had black helmets, which in later years has been replaced by white color. Three firefighters are actually the same. There was nothing extraordinary in those days. All heads were with the same smile and the only detail distinguishing characters were torsos, headgear and different colors of pants. Fireman torso was only one for quite some time, so the differences could not be expected here. Two firefighters supports vehicles: car and truck. Third firefighter in reserve can go along with the fire truck to help during fire fighting. The last person is a woman in a red blouse and black sweater. She has pigtails on her head. This method of hair tying in LEGO characters always reminds me of a young woman, where straight long hair are more common for an older person. Nevertheless, the task of women is to hold office on the ground floor of the building, where just behind the door a desk is located with the computer.
Klasyka LEGO
The building
Colours of course, are unchanged and all vehicles, buildings or helicopters, fire trucks are mainly red. In the building there are two garages with sectional doors of the same height. This is definitely one of the coolest things in sets of Lego. It is true that sometimes it can jam during opening and some wrestle is required, but it is a good idea and it fits here perfectly. It is worth noting a series of windows on the walls of garages and glass on the roof. Practically the whole garage is glazed. LEGO buildings and vehicles were always well marked and you could identify the intended use of it from a mile. The same is in this case, where a great sign of firefighters in the form of two axes with flames and fire-fighting helmet is located above the doors. The only drawback of this solution is the need of gluing four blocks, because the sticker is quite large. You have to be careful when disassembling the set to remember about it.  
Klasyka LEGO
Inside the building
 The building is quite small and modest, because except the garages a small room on the ground floor and a rest room on the first floor are available. Two antennas are located on the roof for signal amplification during remote communication with firemen. Megaphone has been installed next to the antenna, in order to effectively convey information to the people or firefighters located near the building. In the middle of the building there are white doors, behind which an operator sits, who receives visitors, answers the calls with reports of fires and coordinating fire fighting actions. Small room with a blue rotatable chair and a bed is located on the first floor, where a firefighter can relax after a rescue operation. Yellow barrier near the bed will not let him fall out during sleep. This is actually all when it comes to the interior. There is no additional holders for axe or a fire extinguisher, which can be found in the newer sets of fire stations. Yellow barrier in a garage can be used as a holder though.
You can find the firefighters building in the 1982 presentation of the city construction process, which presented the usage of the old type roads mainly.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1982eu2.pdf Catalogue 1982 EU II: Page 2 and 3


Klasyka LEGO
Fire truck
 Fire Truck - This is a standard vehicle, without which the fire brigade building does not have right to exist. The car is equipped with a fire hose and gray retractable ladder. The ladder was installed on a lift and rotatable base, thus giving the opportunity to lift, rotate and point in any direction. The ladder extends on a double of its length, which is not something extraordinary. It is enough for most of the buildings available in the 80s though. Additional accessories, which are available in the vehicle that axe and the oxygen bottle placed in a cell on the right side. While on the left side the door have been installed, behind which series of buttons and controls are placed and used to control all functions of the vehicle. These are, unfortunately, stickers, which are pretty hard to preserve. In my presentation one row of controls is missing from the sticker at the bottom. Things of such can be solved in other way, by the use of 1x2 smooth brick with decorations or levers, and it was thankfully done in later versions of fire trucks available in fire brigade building sets.

Klasyka LEGO
Fire car
 Fire Car - It is a smaller version of the vehicle used to extinguish the fire. I think I can confidently say that the car does not stand a chance with bigger fire and it certainly will not cope with fire at the higher floor where the ladder is required. However, in the role of an assistant it can be useful. The front hood of the vehicle is openable up and has an unique number 1 in the form of a sticker. Roller with hose is mounted at the rear of the vehicle. Axe as a basic tool for firefighter is hooked at the back on the upper part of the roller case. It is worth mentioning that both vehicles have a firefighters icon in the form of two-color flame on both doors.

In the following years, the firefighters building still appears in the presentations. You could see a red building in the background on the hill for the second time in 1983 year.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1983eu.pdf Catalogue 1983 EU: Page 4 and 5
Fire station building is still present even in 1985, in time when a new building included 6385-1: Fire-House set was released. It is presented along with the old version of the police station, where fire truck and police truck with sound and light functions are in the foreground.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1985uk.pdf Catalogue 1985 UK: Page 20 and 21

Alternative constructions

Klasyka LEGO
Alternative ship and harbor
 Ideas for alternative structures could not be missing here, especially that a lot of bricks are available. It is noteworthy that at the beginning of the 80s, 1x2x5 or 1x1x5 panels were not yet available and all the walls with width of 2, or even 1x1 column were constructed from ordinary bricks. It may took more time and in the long run it could be inconvenient, but it gave quite interesting possibilities. In addition, a lot of windows are available in this set, which gives more possibilities in the construction of various residential buildings. The idea for the ship and harbor can be even found. Furthermore, the second version of the fire station with two fire trucks and some odd looking helicopter. Nevertheless, the possibilities are many and it is as I have mentioned on many occasions, the coolest feature in the old LEGO sets. I can always build an residential building out of such set to put it in my town scenery.
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