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LEGO Classic: LEGO 6380 Emergency Treatment Center
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LEGO Classic
Catalog entry
 It is one and only hospital released in Lego Classic period. You can find another set of small physician building 6364-1: Paramedic-Unit or several sets of ambulances like Lego-6688-1 or medical aircraft 6356-1: Med-Star-Rescue-Plane, but when it comes to larger building providing medical services then this is the one. The building was released in the late 80s with a series of other buildings such as police station, fire brigade building or fuel station. In 1988 it was already possible to see a pretty interesting presentations in catalogs, such as shown below. Hospital appeared quite often in presentations, once in front, once in background, but it was present. You can also see it in the Airporen scenery, which I was able to reconstruct. The building is well designed I think colors speaks for itself, it is easy to recognize it as the hospital. It's hard to believe that this is the only one hospital and there was no newer ideas in classic Town theme. Police stations or fire stations appeared at least in three releases.
LEGO Classic
Source: Brickset.com 1988uk.pdf Catalogue 1988 UK: Page 12 and 13: Town


LEGO Classic
Front view
The whole building is in the white and red colors. A lot of windows have been used here making this building more interesting. You can't normally enter this building, there is no front or back doors, which is a bit strange. It looks as if only ambulance could bring the wounded inside.
Looking from the front and going from the right side of the structure, the first thing is the parking place for an ambulance. A small roof has been made here, quite high mounted. 
LEGO Classic
Building's interior
 Going forward on the ground floor of the building there is a reception. One seat at the desk and registration computer on it. Next to the desk is a coffee maker. The second room on the ground floor, on the left side of the building is the X-ray room.
LEGO Classic
Scanning patient
There is a computer and an X-ray mounted on the wall for radiograph of the lying, carried earlier on a stretcher. Therefore, there is no bed in this place, because by definition, patients enter on a stretcher. On the second floor is one room that actually is empty. One cabinet has been placed here with the cup on top. It is the patient's room. Patient comes here on a stretcher. Therefore, there is no bed.
There is available one vehicle in this set. Ambulance has a place on the stretcher when you open the trunk. The flap has a window and there are windows at the both sides of ambulance.

LEGO Classic
Hospital employees
There are 5 figures in set:
- The doctor have a special torso here. A doctor holds the handset on the neck and at the right side of the shirt is a pen in the pocket, on the left side there is a red cross. Figure of course, dressed all in white with black standard hair.
LEGO Classic
- A nurse who is also a receptionist. She has a standard medical uniform, all white with red cross on the left and the pocket at the height of the hand on the right side.
- The driver of the ambulance, dressed like a nurse in medical standard uniform, but with gray pants and a white cap.
- Two potential patients, a woman and a man. They both have black hair. The woman with braids, wearing a red apron. Man is wearing a red jacket and blue pants.

Hospital appeared again in the 1990 catalog from a closer perspective, where doctors passionately tries to rescue the wounded patient.
LEGO Classic
Source: Brickset.com 1990uk.pdf Catalogue 1990 UK: Page 18 and 19: Town

Alternative constructions

This set has as many as 53 white blocks 1x2! The set is quite old, like the 6392 airport from the days when there was no 1x2x5 panels. But this is not a problem, because more blocks means more possibilities of alternative builds. In this set 5 structures has been proposed on the back of the packaging, each undoubtedly interesting. Because of the large amount of medical bricks with a red cross, all the alternatives are medical builds.
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