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LEGO Classic
Catalog entry
 The modest white building, with red roof and railings, decorated with big palm tree and plants growing around. Outdoor tables available in the fresh air, the chef cooking on the view next to customers. Beach? Paradise? This is it. That's not all, because most spectacular in this set is the first floor and large rounded glass high at 8 degrees. Windows are decorated with unique sticker "Ristorante" on the top, from which two clusters of white grapes hangs. Was that distinction of Italian restaurants and white wine maybe? It seems so. After all, Italians are famous for their pizza and good pasta dishes like spaghetti or lasagna. This building was used in a number of presentations in the catalogs from the early 90s. Not surprisingly, as it presents itself perfectly in every layout. Even in the scenery of the racetrack it is in the foreground with a smiling waiter at the front.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1990uk.pdf Catalogue 1990 UK: Page 16 and 17: Town


LEGO Classic
Entrance, the garden and glazed room
 Glazed entrance to the building in the form of narrow tunnel illuminated by two lamps looks quite elegant. One outdoor table with two seats is available, just in time for a couple that want to spend pleasant moments in the open air. 
LEGO Classic
The cook
 The garden is connected to the kitchen, where the chef prepares food without hiding, in the plain sight in front of customers. An interesting concept as for the 90s. At the time we live in now I suspect it easier to find a respectable restaurant with open kitchen, than it was 25 years ago.
On the ground floor there is no space reserved for guests, open kitchen mentioned above is located here and passage to the first floor. The corridor has one pot of flower only. 
LEGO Classic
Interior - the kitchen and first floor
 Chef has a stove with a frying pan and a large pan. Table with two funnels for drinks separates the kitchen from the garden part. On the first floor, however, space is fully used and designed for customers. Balcony has one table with one seat. This place is perfect for someone who likes to watch the surrounding area alone or to observe others who walks or have a good time nearby. Balcony is covered by the big palm leaves. While the main feature of this building is large room fully glazed, where we can find impressive large rounded windows high at 8-degrees. The room has a table with two seats, just in time for a couple to have a romantic evening.

LEGO Classic
Couple and waiter
5 figures are included with this set. Two restaurant employees and three guests. Chef and waiter is available from employees, both have specific clothes rarely found in other sets. Chef furthermore has a white cook cap, which has become an icon of the cooking and is probably recognized by everyone. The waiter, however, is dressed in a black suit with white arms. That's not all, because even the guests are well dressed. There is a couple with one alone man in gray hat. The most interesting is the red-haired woman dressed in a white shirt with gold beads. Quite rare. The gentleman accompanying the woman is wearing a black tuxedo with a red bow tie. Well dressed couple from the upper classes.


LEGO Classic
 High rounded windows have also been used in the light-blue version included with 6396-1: International-Jetport released in the same year. The second curiosity is the fact that this building as one of the few sets from the period of the 90s has been re-released 12 years later in a set of LEGO-10037-1. This indicates either its success or the lack of ideas for a better design. I would prefer to think that this was the first reason. However, the truth is that Town theme do not have second such restaurant. In 1994 year pizzeria was released in LEGO-6350-1, but it was a completely different building, because it was suitable for cooking pizza only, there is no space for customer tables. It looks more on fast food than a restaurant.
In my humble opinion the following presentation shows the best usage of this restaurant, when it comes to the catalogs. Sand, beach, all of it near the road when in the background we can see water stunts on surfboards. This is it.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1992uk.pdf Catalogue 1992 UK: Page 28 and 29: Town - The Beach
This restaurant can also be seen in couple of my sceneries, for example Scene-bebricton-center.

Alternative constructions

As befits for a set of Lego from Town theme, several alternative proposals that stimulate the imagination can be found on the back of the packaging. Two other versions of the restaurant and the stage for theatrical or musical performances. The scene was made with the use of large rounded windows, interestingly, a similar alternative can be found in the 6396 airport.
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