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LEGO Classic
Catalog entry
 This set offers a transport aircraft, forklift and a small vehicle for transporting containers. The aircraft is quite large and it can accommodate at least 5 small containers. Brilliantly complements a set of 6396-1: International-Jetport, which is already has passenger airplane made in the same style but in white color. International Airport was the primary component of many presentations in catalogs, which was a natural step to present what is the best. Nevertheless, there is no space for the presentation of the aircraft reviewed here. Loading station set matching this airplane with additional containers have not been released. It is interesting that an appropriate set was not created in the '90s. Delivery center has been released in 1985 in 6377-1: Delivery-Center set with its own plane, but it matches to 6392-1: Airport set from '80s. The plane being reviewed here do not have matching loading station, where it can unload the cargo. Perhaps that's why this airplane is not specially presented in action in catalogs. The following presentation from 1992 shows our plane in flight and is the only original presentation, where I found it. It is possible, however, that there is some other presentation where this plane is present. I will update this review when I find any. However, the problem still remains, because you do not have any dedicated place to unload such an aircraft. You can always do it on the runway, but what afterwards? What to do with containers? One of the possibilities is to use trucks eg. 1772-1: Airport-Container-Truck, although it would be nice to build some structure or at least a plate next to the airport, where they can be stored.

LEGO Classic
Catalog's presentation from 1992


The whole interior, except the pilot's cabin is reserved for the cargo. You can get inside the plane by two ways. A large part of the fusselage opens up allowing easy access to the contents inside. 
LEGO Classic
Side flap
 In addition, the aircraft has one of the most interesting solutions - the whole tail is hinged and can be easily opened to the left side. 
LEGO Classic
Rear entry
 This allows for easy loading of containers by a forklift. The design of the airplane does not differ from the standards of the 90s and it best fits to 6396-1: International-Jetport airport set as I mentioned before. The planes in the 90s were designed very cleverly. Despite of its slightly angular dimensions, it gives the appearance of a plane very well. However, the most important thing is that the bricks used to build are mostly universal and most fragmented. This is in my opinion the essence of Lego. Such aircraft can be reassembled as a boat, ship, other aircraft or even a car. The possibilities of constructions are many.
LEGO Classic
Transport vehicle
 Two vehicles are available here. The first is a small transport vehicle without a roof or windshield. Typical airport vehicle with trunk for the transport of containers. 
LEGO Classic
 The second vehicle is a forklift having unusual brick, which is the lift with wire spring. Lift, like other elements of Lego is a high quality and even after 20 years works just as well.
Two minifigures are available in this set. Pilot in a standard black uniform with black cap and airport worker.
Three yellow containers are available in this set, without stickers. Containers are standard, the same as the mailbox or a locker in the airport terminal.
LEGO Classic
Airport worker and pilot
 It should be mentioned that this set does not include stickers. Aircraft tail and the global transportation icons on the sides are all printed. This is the best form and it is some loss that Lego replaced it with stickers.
Printings are durable and there is no problem with crooked sticking, or the fact that you need to glue couple of bricks.
I present below the usage of this plane in flight center and seaport of the SceneGroup-Bebricton city.

LEGO Classic
Bebricton - Flight Center
LEGO Classic
Bebricton - Seaport

Alternative constructions

Lots of universal bricks have been used here, so alternative constructions are plentiful. Plane, helicopter, boat, tractor or even the space shuttle! Cargo truck can be constructed even. All these proposals using 208 bricks available in this set.
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