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LEGO Classic
Catalog entry
 This set offers us the construction of a private jet released in 1985 with the first airport designed by Lego. Construction pattern of this plane is exactly the same as its passenger counterpart included in the airport. It was created as an additional plane for the 6392-1: Airport set. The original sceneries of the city in 1985 catalog presents private jet taking off from the airport in the foreground.
LEGO Classic
Catalog's presentation from 1985
It is worth mentioning that few large aircrafts are available in series Town as standalone sets and usually they fulfill some function, such as 6356-1: Med-Star-Rescue-Plane or 6375-1: Trans-Air-Carrier. Large passenger planes were mostly available only with airports. It is really the only standalone set of passenger airplane released in Town theme. True, there were still special sets, such as:
LEGO Classic
Special 611-2 set with Canadian airplane
 Lego-611-2 - Released in 1988, the Canadian aircraft without a pilot's cabin and without seats for passengers. This is a dummy plane. it simply looks the same as other planes from Town, but it is not that functional.
Lego-1973-1 - released in 1989 to promote Emirates airlines, which is now fully functional and does not differ much from counterparts from 80s.
Lego-1774 - released in 1991 with special printings on the bow and a tail, which better fits to 6396-1: International-Jetport.For the construction of these aircrafts the same pattern has been used as for the reviewed jet here - suitable for 80s in Town theme.
LEGO Classic
Special sets with airplane: 1973 and 1774
It is worth mentioning about two special aircrafts that were more unique. 
Lego-1775-1 - released in 1994 using pattern that fits Airport 6597-1: Century-Skyway released in the same year. This is another plane which promotes airlines. In this set apart from the plane, control tower is available. This was a strange custom in sets released in the US to add a little building to the vehicle or aircraft. It is always nice to have something more, but on the other hand it could be problematic. Control tower in the end is the part of an airport. How to normally use it without runways or terminal at least? 
LEGO Classic
Special sets with airplane: 1775 and 1818
It is odd, to place the  control tower alone to control the aircrafts movement somewhere in the field.
Lego-1818-1 - the unique design of the aircraft to promote the Austrian airlines - Finnair. The windscreen used here also fits with airport 6597-1: Century-Skyway pattern, but the airplane don't have one standard tail, but two located on the wings. A bit like 6356-1: Med-Star-Rescue-Plane.
All these airplanes are special sets, some of it were released in the USA only. Those were not regular sets like 6392-1: Airport. Therefore, we can say that reviewed private jet is the only standalone set with passenger airplane in Town theme, which was not related to any real airlines, it was promoted in Lego catalogs and, above all, accessible to all who had access to any Lego sets.


LEGO Classic
Although the plane is mostly white, it has two distinctive stripes, red and black along the hull. The tail of the plane has even a special printing as the continuation of these stripes. It is worth noting that this is not a sticker. In the 80s there were more bricks with much more durable printings than stickers more susceptible to destroying. Aircrafts from 80s in Town theme were designed using one pattern, as I mentioned above. This way you can arrange them all together with no problem. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that every aircraft were different. Beak, wings, tail was the same, but for example, the position of the wings or engines were different. In this case, two engines are not attached to the wings, but to the fuselage instead. Wings are attached to the bottom part of the fuselage. The chassis also tend to be different, but only the rear part. 
LEGO Classic
In this case there are two dual wheels at the rear. The plane does not carry much weight, so that's firmly enough. The front wheel of the aircraft is always the same for large aircraft and this is one rotatable dual wheel. I must say that I always had a problem with moving this airplane. Although it has a rotatable front wheel and solid rubber tires, a front chassis tend to rotate in different direction than the one in which I moved it. It helped to push stronger during the move. Nevertheless, this was a minor inconvenience and the experience of playing such an airplane as a kid is just wonderful.The fuselage opens up and the interior of the aircraft has three blue seats. Luggage compartment located in the rear part is openable separately.Our passenger does not have to fly alone, he can take a girl, or even two.
LEGO Classic
Passenger and pilot
The cockpit section is separated from the passenger and it is not openable. The roof needs to be deattached to be able to get to the cockpit. In addition, the windscreen is an old type, that has 6 studs at the top rather than two, as is the new low windscreens released at the beggining of the 90s. This is a little inconvenient, and you really have to take off the windscreen with a roof to get to the pilot.
Two persons are available in this set, the pilot dressed in standard black outfit and one passenger - businessman with a brown suitcase.
In the catalog from 1986, you can still see a private jet, this time approaching from a distance.

LEGO Classic
Catalog's presentation from 1986

In conclusion, It is a shame that only one passenger airplane was released. Wouldn't that be nice to have blue airplane or for example, in part, yellow-green? I understand that Lego as a company always put high priority to quality and was preferred to release decent and solid set than 10 medium quality ones, but  in a period of 10 years not even one passenger airplane in Town theme? It is a bit strange. The possibilities are many, I wonder why no universal set of an airplane was released. Maybe assumed that promotional airplanes were enough, but those were not the same. Airplanes are one of the most popular toys next to race cars, it proves even a full range of smaller aircrafts available in Town theme.

Alternative constructions

Motor boats and planes are constructed from similar bricks, so it is fairly easy to make a plane from motorboats and vice versa. In this case it is not that different. One of the alternative proposals are two boats. Another airplane without landing gear version, sailcraft and a helicopter has been also proposed. Full range of possibilities for next couple of hours of assembling bricks!

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