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LEGO Classic
 Town theme was practically crawling back in 1981 year. The first sets began to appear with the city elements. LEGO sets has always been like a jigsaw puzzle, which, after a suitable arrangement created a great city, a medieval castles scenery or a pirate skirmishes at sea between ships and harbors. The primary sets of Town theme have always been public services like firefighters, police and ambulances. However, city residents have to live somewhere, and therefore sets with houses were an important part of the puzzle. A small two-story house from 6372-1: Town-House set or another small blue segment from LEGO-376 released in 1978 are quite similar to the one shown in this review.
LEGO Classic
Other small houses
I even dare to say it would be an interesting settlement with the arrangement of all these houses together. LEGO designers were definitely trying to keep some design patterns, so that all the structures fit together. In addition, couple of larger houses were also released on 32x32 baseplates like possibly the most famous classic house from 6349-1: Holiday-Villa set or another house from 6374-1: Holiday-Home set. The houses are an important part of any town scenery. I have placed at least one of those presented above or one of the custom designs in virtually every scenery, which I have built so far. This is undoubtedly an important element and one of the most interesting aspects of the theme Town. Most of those houses are already reviewed or previewed at Clabrisic and you can check them out in subtheme Leisure.
I present the scenery from the 1981 original catalog, where the house takes place in the foreground.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1981uk.pdf Catalogue 1981 UK: Page 10 and 11

The building

LEGO Classic
Front of the house
The house designed in this set has a quite interesting set of colors. Green shutters in three windows give the impression that one long strip of green brick spread across the length of the house. However, the whole house is in yellow color. Not even one green brick had been used here, which in those days was unheard of in the form of an ordinary building brick. The effect is quite interesting. Black doors and attic also give the house an interesting tone. The building is inhabited by a young woman in a red dress. Table with an umbrella and a rotating chair was placed just in front of the door. This is not a table for guests, but rather designed for resident for recreational purposes.
LEGO Classic
Inside the house
 The interior of the house is quite unique, because couple of elements have stickers giving the impression of kitchen appliances to ordinary bricks. I am not a supporter of sticking together several bricks, because I consider it blocks the reception of the most important feature - the possibility of assembling them. It is hard to disassemble bricks glued with one sticker , because the sticker will probably get destroyed sooner or later. In this case, however, the resulting effect is very interesting and adhering several 2x2 bricks seems not so problematic.
LEGO Classic
Shutters closed
The house owner has at hers disposal a stove with a blue cooker hood, fridge, shelf for cups, the lamp and bed. Quite an interesting equipment for such a small house! Unfortunatelly, the young lady do not have any tools to hers disposal like a frying pan or a broom, which could prove useful in the kitchen created here. However, the frying pan was introduced two years later and this is probably the reason why it is absent here. I present the house with shutters closed at the end. Is it not true, it looks quite different? The effect is visible. In summary, I think this cottage is well designed and interesting, even though it is quite simple and small. Furthermore, such residential buildings are simply required in any city and it is very good that LEGO designers have not forgotten about them in Town theme.

Alternative constructions

LEGO Classic
Packaging (back)
Five alternative proposals have been placed on the packaging's back, which can be constructed using bricks from that set. It is an idea for a smaller house or two-storey building with balcony and a sloping roof. Idea for a bar is also present. Athough in the classic style of the 70s, which is without a roof. The designers showed once again that there are many possibilities. Proposals on the packaging can provide many hours of additional and creative fun.

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