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LEGO Classic
Catalog entry
 It's hard to even believe that this building dates back to the very begining of the Town theme. In those days vehicles without driver's seat in the cabin were still released. Cabins were built and transparent bricks were imitating the windows. Nevertheless, in time more vehicles had proportionate cabins, designed for minifigures. This was just one of those sets. Released in 1980, medical unit consisting of a small building, a doctor and a convertible car. For balance, the doctor was a woman this time, and the patient was a man. This is another unique position, as no such small medical building was created again in Town theme throughout the next 16 years. Seven years later, much larger building was released - emergency treatment center. When it comes to medical services, it is practically everything. Not counting, of course, independent sets of medical vehicles and ambulances. The presentation shown below is from 1980 - the very beginning of the Town theme. Few sets were available then, but it was enough to create an interesting small town scenery.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1980uk.pdf Catalogue 1980 UK: Page 12 and 13

LEGO Classic
 Medical unit was located on a fairly long gray 8x24 plate. White building with a red roof leads us to conclusion, that in this building medical services are available. If anyone would have any doubts, then at the roof a large sign in the form of cube was placed, bearing the red cross on each side. The colors are naturally subordinated to the red cross sign, which in those days was a medical symbol in each set of this type. The building was divided into two parts.
LEGO Classic
Building inside
On the right side looking from the inside, is a doctor's blue desk. Handle for the shortwave radio is mounted at the left side and new clean recipes are ready for prescription on the desk. Examination room is located on the left side of the building. The bed  for the patient is available here along with rotatable chair for the doctor. 
LEGO Classic
Examining patient
Sunlight reaches the room's interior by two windows with white stripes from the bottom to the top, which purpose is to preserve the privacy of the patient during the examination. That's not all, because apart from windows the roof is glazed. The doctor will not run out of light while working.
LEGO Classic
Patient and the doctor
The set includes two minifigures. A patient in a red sweater and a black jacket and a doctor in the standard white medic suit.
Physician may also carry out home visits. She has a small convertible car to her disposal. Designers were trying to create unique design for vehicle this time as well and they succeeded. The front of the vehicle is sloped and just by that it stands out from the crowd.
LEGO Classic
Medic's car
Three signs of red cross are placed on the car, at the hood and on each door. The vehicle has a blue light signals also at the top of the windscreen. It is rather hard to confuse it's function. 
LEGO Classic
Unique stickers
 Small trunk is available on the back, in which the doctor can carry small things like suitcase. Unfortunately, all signs of the red cross are stickers in this set. As you know, stickers passes the test of time much harder than printings on bricks. Therefore, it is not easy to find this set in good condition with stickers in one piece, as it has been 36 years now!
You probably noticed that I miss two unique stickers in this set. One of them was placed behind a doctor's desk and it is the table for sight tests. The second sticker  is a small calendar, which was placed on 1x2 flat brick. Unfortunatelly, I do not have them at this point. I'll add new pictures to the gallery when I get them.

In 1981 the doctor building showed up again in a new presentation of a small town.
LEGO Classic
Source: 1981uk.pdf Catalogue 1981 UK: Page 10 and 11

At the end, I present paramedic unit in Bebricton town, close to the wild forest.
LEGO Classic
Bebricton - Wild Forest

Alternative constructions

LEGO Classic
 The average set of 80s must offer at least several alternative proposals at the back of the packaging. What can be found in this case? Full gamma of proposals, not only buildings, cars or trucks were presented, but boats and aircraft as well. Another great example of how interesting things can be done with set consisting of small and universal bricks.

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